Meizu’s MiniOne M8 GUI exposed: hello Chinese iPhone

macbotOk Meizu, seriously, with your M7 just announced and your CEO J.Wong posting these new interface shots of the M8 to your user forum, how can we or any straight taking rag not call you for what you are: a brazen Chinese Apple cloning machine? We understand that any full-screen, touchscreen phone or DAP will look pretty similar given the limited…[…] Thanks to macbot for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

myone: This is the first time i saw the meizu’s phone. I must admit that it looks good and definitely smaller than iphone. What makes me think that the iphone is a superior product is the demo of the interface on the apple’s website. So maybe meizu can do the same for their phone. Well, seeing is believing. If meizu’s phone is as good, i may just buy one.

p9939068: Forgive me when I point out the obvious, but the M8 can never be like the iPhone, not even close. It may look like the iPhone (software and hardware interface wise), but to say it’s a rip off is a complete insult to the iPhone. This silly chinese phone does not have a static electricity sensor screen, does not have a proximity sensor, does not have a light sensor, and does not have an accelerometer. How can it ever remotely compare to the iPhone?

And there are people here who has the cheek to accuse Apple of ripping from HTC? Name me one other phone with an accelerometer…pfft, how silly, really.

I am a proud owner of 3 iPhones, and I am proud and gleeful every single time i take mine out to use. It is both a pleasure to use it, and a pleasure to be seen using it. I say let the cheapos buy their cheap M8/other ripoff products. When they take out their M8s in public, it will be like wavering a banner with words “LOOK AT ME! I AM A CHEAPO! I CANNOT EVEN AFFORD AN IPHONE, THAT’S WHY I SETTLED FOR THIS CHEAP RIP OFF!”. While we, the people who is willing to spend on a real quality product, continue to use our iPhones (and other product of innovation) with pride. They can buy the M8, maybe even convince/cheat themselves into thinking that it’s superior to the iPhone, but deep inside, they know they’re nothing but dogs trying to reach the moon.

And to those who hopped onto the “iphone has no software” bandwagon, take a look at this list before commenting. These are all native apps created by the community, in oh, about 3 months?

I’m a singaporean chinese, but seriously, damn the china chinese. Progress is the result of innovation. This isn’t innovation, and hence to call it progress is nothing more than mere hypocricy in the face of human stupidity, undeserving of any respect whatsoever.

ummagummas08: I bet that the post, when translated to english, would be like this-

Wow, I’d really like an iPhone, but I don’t like what they’ve done with it, so here’s what I would improve, rofl. (10$ some body reads this on some social news site and thinks its real LOLLL!!!!111!!!!)

mromanuk: It could be great if it come with Linux, I would love to have an open platform to develop for.

stockjones: The original article was in Popular Science.

stockjones: The Meizu is what the iPhone should have been. Its feature set will blow away the current iPhone. Now you folks know the real reason why Apple dropped the price on the iPhone. Nokia will also be coming out with their iPhone type phone. Read the Popular Mechanics article yourself.

Apple screwed you in the pooch.

pyrates: And what about this? …

Apple did the same thing. That’s what I call a hiprocrite. Face it, Apple came out with something that yes I do want for once, and another company comes along to have the same features but beat on price, thats the market. Boo frickin who.

FHKE: You can’t input Chinese on an iPhone but you can (assuming the mock up screenshots are going to be implemented) do that on a M8 BTW…

Ron247: This was in a Discover magazine. =P article was referring it as the iClone.
i hear this copy iPhone is MUCH more user friendly than that damned overpriced iPhone. If you could make your own, improve it, make it lower cost… id def. get it over an iphone.

gkeirns: Haha this is classic! Its common knowledge that Apple cloned the design of several other phones in the production of the iPhone. Yes, their product is fantastically beautiful and is a testament to how feature convergence can produce a stunning gadget, but people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Technology is generally stolen from what came before, and there is little about a cellphone that can be considered innovative. You should be welcoming direct competition to the iPhone, which will hopefully force apple to have higher quality control on their products, push their price mark down, and make it a more competitive and rich market.

mediterrenean: We, Chinese people, are ashamed of sick companies like this! Meizu has even tried to deny the cloning!

joe90210: that’s awesome, hope the cost is low, I’d get one

soupyc: There was a great article in PopSci last month about Chinese product clones and how they measure up against the real thing. I’m pretty sure I saw something similar to this in the article. Though I was surprised to find that PopSci said that most of the clones are the same, if not better, quality-wise.

IsaacCubed: Willp2: Of course it was made in China…asians make everything

tykauffman: Meizu knows exactly what they’re doing and they’re making a tremendous amount of money doing it. Even Sir Marketing McJobs admits on Triumph of the Nerds documentary that “Good artists copy, great artists steal”. If Meizu didn’t mimmic Apple’s iPod with their M6 and Apple’s iPhone with their M8 so closely, they wouldn’t get free marketing from goobers like you. Even with a copycat reputation, awareness of the Meizu brand and product line (and thus sales) has exploded due to “rants” just like this one. Irony is throwing gasoline to put out a fire! “You’re not fooling anyone.” says Engadget — oh, yes .. yes they are!


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