Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon from Apple

kyc050564Details from the same people who had accurate info on the latest iPods.[…] Thanks to kyc050564 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jmschlich: Here’s to hoping that they don’t release a pro line of smaller screen-resolutions with this. I just bought my MBP.

sellitman: I heard the new Macbooks will have a Superdrive underneath the keyboard. Any truth to this rumor?

toetagger: You’ll see the same color line up as the Nanos in aluminum. Sweeeeet!

GregGunn: When?

dudefaceguyman: I hope not. At least for a little while longer. I just got a black Macbook last month and it would suck to get slapped in the face like that with a brand new Macbook lol.

This is interesting too, since Macbook is their highest selling computer system-I mean why fix what’s not broken? Bah what am I saying, it’s Apple. They always fix what’s not broken. Arr

alakata: Slimmer slower hotter.

motiontomove: oh shoots

I just got the white one a few weeks ago.

holyreality: very exciting.

spynovel: I’m reading this on my 2 week old white Macbook. I love it but now I know what it feels like to be an Apple customer on the verge of a sudden product rollout…I’ll get over it.

yellowbuddy: How bout a slim Macbook PRO? PRO, Apple, PRO!

Also: aggressively priced in my mind would be a drop of some $500… but that’s the price you pay for an Apple product.

WesMantooth: Oh man I just bought a new macbook this morning. I knew this would happen.

Palaceguard: Geesh Apple I just bought a Macbook. Where is my rebate? I’m emailing Steve Jobs

Christbait: God damn, can apple fans not get any more shallow? Who cares what the hell it’s made out of and how it looks, depends what’s INSIDE the damn thing.

rYno: I’ve been waiting till this next update hits… I’m hoping the Santa Rosa hits and the new GPU and this “slim” update would be cool too all for when leopard hits…

Wilddigi: Let’s see all the Apple fanboys whine for being a beta tester for the plastic macbooks. Maybe we will get $100 dollars store credit again


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