Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) 9A559

jLadd5After seeding Leopard 9A528d just yesterday, Apple has released 9A559 to ADC members tonight. Yesterday’s update appears to have been primarily testing Leopard’s Software Update mechanism.The 6.55GB download lists only two known issues for Leopard. The two issues described involve upgrading fr…[…] Thanks to jLadd5 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

projohn: Here is a OS 10.5 release date projection.


Antebios: And here I thought they were talking about the anime movie APPLESEED.

s0lid: where can i download the latest build and try it?

rowlodge: thats why ive been waiting to get a mac.

danny951: Where are the PICS?

danny951: Where are the PICS?

.Steven: “lists only two known issues for Leopard. The two issues described involve upgrading fr…” and Microsoft says their products only have features? So, is that one Apple fanboy down? (Comment gets dugg down, for critistising apple, however when I mention what is below, I get dugg up!)

I love the iPhone!

zonk3r: Software Update doesn’t show stuff immediately. But you should know that already…

SirG3: Anyone have the checksum for the dmg?

bazookaaa: Kay, so I’m running build 9a500n, why aren’t any updates showing up from within Software Update?

LeonardNimrod: I’ve logged into my ADC account and searched for the build. I have yet to receive an email for activation.

LeonardNimrod: Software Update isn’t seeing this build, yet I installed 9A528d yesterday.

note: my first kernel crash occurred last night with yesterday’s build.

MetalUnderShock: Woot!

InitialDMP5: I think it will be on time. The OS has been done for the most part since early summer. Apple has most likely been using this time to really get a bug free version out of the door. While that won’t be possible, the extra time will certainly limit the chances of something major going wrong in the software. I can’t wait to get Leopard though. It will be the last OS release I can get with my student discount.


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