Engadget Ipod Touch Review, why its not the best Ipod

scandallYeah, we know we’re a little late with this one, but we see the iPod touch as a pretty major turning point for Apple’s iPod line; when it was announced, we finally thought we’d found an iPod we could really get behind. But after playing with the touch for a few days, it’s become pretty clear that the iPhone is the Best Ipod[…] Thanks to scandall for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:


DaviDaviDaviD: *sigh* yet another review by someone who has an iPhone. I really am getting tired of these reviews comparing it to the iPhone but so what?
Another thing is the HDD issue, sorry but the only way to make it as fluid as it is is to use flash.
Sorry Engadget, I’m still buying one no matter what any iPhone owner tells me.

ikondx: i love the ipod touch and i think it represents the future for the iPods but that price with only 16Gb?! The “best iPod for video” should have at least 40Gb, maybe i’ll buy one then, for now i think i’ll go for the Classic…

ookxtreme: And still no F-in wireless headphones on ipods… and only 16gb!! on the touch ipod? sucks!!.. i love my ipod and use it every day…. i just want wireless headphones!! how hard is that?? perfect to me would be = 160gb “classic” ipod + wireless headphones.

JeffS: bullshat. How can the iPhone be the “best” iPod? Can I keep it in my jacket pocket and adjust the volume or skip to the next song without peeking at it? No because there is no tactile feedback.

Drinky: hay look, Ryan Block *pretends* to hate Apple again.

chainz: “Best Shatner Voice”…”Ipod Touch,..I can’t get behind that”..Shameless Rollins/Shatner reference..lol

FuZi0nDET: I don’t see why they dropped this product; to me it seems like a bad idea. Its like they want to compete head to head with them selves and the iphone. I just don’t get it, yeah sure people don’t want to go out and get a phone if they don’t need one, but its the same price and better!

Almadiel: My one and only complaint about the ipod touch after a week of ownership is the lack of external volume control. Would have been wonderful if you could adjust the volume without unlocking by making the familiar circular motions on the screen with your finger, for instance (hint hint to apple for firmware update). Otherwise, having twice the capacity for the same price compared to the iphone is great. Everything missing from the iPhone is on my Treo, which does things like email and calendar much better anyway (not to mention being better at making calls and letting me use verizon). Taking an alternate perspective, the iPhone is just an overly bloated version of the iTouch.

eraofk00l: I dont get y the calendar, map, note, and email map are so missed….. just think about it, the only time u could ever use map and email app is when u r using wifi, so y not go online and google those things, its not so hard if u add it to bookmark. the calendar and note apps are also fixed with google if u r getting constant wifi.

i personally dont have any problems with those things, the too dark areas in videos are slightly unappealing but not much of a big deal for me.

also y compare touch with a smartphone???

JEWestbrookJR: Soooooooo…. the reason that the ipod touch isn’t the best ipod is the obvious reason that it is not an iphone? I don’t think I needed a review to tell me that iphone – phone > iphone…

vegetables: I agree. Of all the cranky ipod-touch reviews I still like ilounge’s the best.

darny: I’m all about having as much functionality in as little pocketroom as possible. I traded my 60GB video for a 16GB touch. Why? It’s smaller and it does far more than my 60GB and my cellphone. Lack of space? Please. I listen to at most about 100 songs per day, which amounts to…..oh….a few hundred MB. I can probably go about a week, maybe two without synching (and updating my revolving smart playlists) AND NEVER HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SAME SONG TWICE!!

Why didn’t I get an iPhone? Well for starters, AT+T in ny sucks. I’m on Verizon family plan. I’m not about to break a cellphone contract just to change a media player. Also, i don’t want all my eggs in one basket. What if I find myself listening to LOTS of music one day and suddenly have to make a ton of phone calls?

I never needed 60GB on me at all times, and now I can (wear tighter jeans, I guess, and) carry the web in my pocket to use in any of the one gazillion free wifi hotspots in NYC. My cellphone can’t do that (for free).

dmkemick: The review could have been summed up pretty quickly with something like “it’s good, just not as good as the iPhone.” I was personally excited for the Touch because I wanted a phone-less iPhone, but some of the little things have kept me from buying one. First off is the storage, it’s hard to plunk down $400 for 16 gigs. Then the screen issues that were reported. Finally the price drop the iPhone received makes me stop and think “why not wait?”

Hopefully they fix some of the minor issues and add some things (I’d really like a volume rocker), but what I’m really waiting for is higher capacities at cheaper prices. If they had a 30 gig model at $350 I’d snatch one without thinking about it.

danasghar: Im in the market for a new ipod (always seem to be when the latest version is released) and im looking at the Ipod Touch and Iphone
As far as the storage goes. I personally hate having 30gb of music and video with me especially since I only use my ipod when traveling or working out. I usually listen my music via playlist and have found it much more effective that scrolling through 5000+ songs. Ive notived that I only use about 2-3 gb of music when I use my ipod either in the car or traveling (which are the only times I use my ipod) When traveling my ipod it just as close as my MacBook Pro so again defeats the purpose of carrying all that music and video. Im not using it all why am i storing it all there.

To me the best innovation so far to the ipod history was when they updated Itunes to give you more control over what you could put on to the ipod and what you didnt want to. I find most people don’t make playlist and just put everything on the ipod. Which makes Coverflow useless. If you complain about the storage aspect, which are people forgeting that the Classic is still out there and 160gb in that small little player is pretty awesome if you ask me.
Also, I dont think complaining about software issue or lack of apps is a good basis for a review when everyone knows it will be a matter of weeks or days before someone figures out how to get them on there or apple puts out a update.

I do agree missing hard buttons for volume is a pain especially for me. I use shure headphones and hate having to pull them out to listen to wait the airline attendent is asking me for “Terra Bluechips, Animal Crackers, Biscotti or Munchis sir?” (yes i travel on jetblue a lot).
I think im personally going with the iphone (dont care about the phone part, cant live without my blackberry) simply because i love the weight of it compared to the touch. Its fuller and the matte finish on the back gives me a better grip.
Also, keep in mind this is Apples first go with the touch. Im sure its gonna be much improved in 4-5 months when the next gen come out.


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