Firefox/Camino vs. Safari Image Quality — Big difference (IMAGE)

ajgnetThere seems to be a pretty big significance between these two browser in terms of displaying this image. Not sure why this is happening … but it’s making me consider leaving my favorite browser.[…] Thanks to ajgnet for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

BearinG: I am using firefox so shouldn’t the FULL image comparison look like shit? Its funny how I can see BOTH images being compared side by side with all the right colors.. still using Firefox.. so how hard was it to have the image in sRGB

ensee: I gave it a go and yeah, works well. I use Safari because of the way it renders text but this is a bonus.

prh99: I would call the one on the right over saturated. I wouldn’t eat any meat that may be radioactive lol.
I thought color profiles were about more accurate color reproduction..not day glow meat.

jeffdodson: No way! I just looked at two color pages in both browsers: today’s Sunday Dilbert, and the high resolution link to the ‘bullet going through the crayons’ @ No difference in either image. And I’m NOT color blind: I can easily see the difference in the example presented by ajgnet. Perhaps it’s ajgnet particular computer?

P373Y: there is no difference in safari/firefox in vista.

bunkka: i wouldn’t leave a browser because of how an image looks, safari is nowhere near firefox in terms of functionality….anyhoo, i have both so why am i posting?

hiro: The Safari image looks hideously inaccurate

fairviewjim: While there may indeed be issues with browsers. There is also an issue with iPhoto, at least iPhoto 6. The program has no facility for changing color profiles. If you take your picture using Adobe 98 in camera, it stays Adobe 98. As mentioned, most monitors use sRGB. Adobe 98 profiled images displayed on sRGB monitors will appear washed out chroma-wise.

I stopped using iPhoto because of this issue. I’m not using Lightroom. I’m sure there must be a cheaper solution, but I went with Lightroom.

ChazPSE: Wait-staff everywhere are starting to recognize Mac users when they order Smoked Fuchsia instead of Salmon.

whencowsattack: They look the same in firefox/IE7

turbomofo: wait, how am i able to see the difference while using firefox?

Samji: I think it is because Safari might implement that true image coloring scheme. If so, that’s coming to Firefox 3. I read about it on Mozilla Links.

coolbru: It bears repeating:
Incidentally the only other browser I know of with colourspace support is the long-dead MacIE.

leonardoty: Easiest way to get a clear picture:
Don’t use a Mac.

JasonCox: This is an easy thing to fix, just rip the color information off the image, you cut the file size in half most of the time and get an image thats consistent in every major browser on the market.


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