iTunes Movies Streamed to your iPhone – no software required.

embracewareFind out how to stream your iTunes Movies to your iPhone using nothing more than System Preferences and the Terminal.[…] Thanks to embraceware for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

JasonHawkins: Has anybody actually gotten this to work yet? I’ve tried all sorts of variations trying to create the link, but with very little success.

I can access the default Apache page from my iPhone when I try to connect. However, when I try tagging on “/Movies” it eventually tells me it can’t find the server.

These are some of the paths I’ve tried creating the link with (I have limited experience with the command line):

ln -s “/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/Jason/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Movies” Movies

ln -s Volumes/MacintoshHD/Users/Jason/Music/iTunes/iTunesMusic/Movies Movies

ln -s Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/Jason/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Movies Movies

The first option produces the best results. It creates a an alias for “Movies” in “/Library/WebServer/Documents/” which I can navigate to from the computer via the browser just as you’d expect. It also works on other machines using ““, but not on my iPhone.

Any ideas? Thanks.

kashem: I can’t seem to get this to work. The only difference I can figure out is that I have my itunes library on a different drive. I successfully create the symbolic link, but all I get is a 404 on the phone.

Wander2000: Hmm, any chance we could get Perian or Mplayer in the iPhone? Most of my stuff isn’t in native quicktime format.

mentor972: 2 Steps taken out… make a directory in your Webserver/documents/ folder called “Movies”

Then type the terminal command the RIGHT WAY!…

Example: ln -s volumes/macintosh HD/users/yourusername/music/iTunes/iTunes music/movies Movies

Notice there is no forward slash in front of volumes. Also, if you have spaces in directory names, put a backslash in there…
Example: if the directory is “itunes music” then type “itunes music”

Hope that helps.

nullfame: I built something similar earlier this week because I wasn’t happy with panning and zooming to use the Apache-generated lists. It needs PHP but otherwise it’s about as easy as this. Plus mine has shiny buttons. 🙂

diggmeplease: I have the same prob as thenewkasanova. Whats the prob?

thenewkasanova: ln: illegal option — /
usage: ln [-fhinsv] file1 file2
ln [-fhinsv] file … directory
link file1 file2

That’s what I get when I type in the command linking to my Movies folder. Please help.

ekiwi: Not bad at all. Suprised though that no one has commented on what must be the real end game…streaming live tv from EyeTV or dvd’s from VLC. Now that would be frickin’ awesome.
Certainly possible, I do it from Mac to Mac at the moment via wifi so surely just a matter of someone creating a small app – native or web-based.
Thoughts on the likelihood guys?
Either way it’s obvious after you’ve played Apple-Trailers that something big this way comes -sooner or later 🙂

ximiei: Wake us if the phone rings?x

t86y: Anyone got any advice or maybe some step by steps on how I could stream my videos/music outside of network? It was mentioned in the article, but I am not sure how to do this.

Bizarroscoper: Cool, enjoy watching videos on your iphone while hackers break into your computer through filesharing…. Not a good idea for people who don’t know what they are doing. If you don’t believe me do a little research. And before iphone fans start digging me down, just know I’m on your side. I’ve loved the f*ck out of my iphone since the day it came out.

Foden999: Buried as itunes is shit, and not the cool sorta shit, the brown mushy type.

vassar: “sudo chmod 755 ~/Music” works for me! Thanks!

willclarke: This works – you have to “sudo chmod 755 ~/Music” but that should do it.

However I keep getting an error that “the file is too large” when I do it. Maybe it’s because my iPhone is too full? I’ll try deleting some stuff and try again.

bking: Not working for me. I keep getting 404’s, even after following the instructions to a tee.


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