Latest Leopard Visual Tweaks and Intro Movie

normalkidThe latest Mac OS 10 Leopard seed that was released on Friday to developers has introduced a number of notable visual tweaks to the operating system. Notes and screenshots have been gathered from public forums which reveal the improvements found in the latest version of Mac OS X Leopard.[…] Thanks to normalkid for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

sirius2k3: So.
I haven’t been seeing any pictures or mention of Dashboard in Leopard. It’s not going away, right?

Gavin: Looks fresh.

Syphon8: *Adds flyout toolbars to taskbar*

dagamer34: It’s probably going to go gold Sept 30 and be released Oct 31.

CATSCEO: When the HELL is Apple going to announce the release date?! Its ether Halloween or MWSF ’08.

jk_baller23: boo…none of the images work anymore


Toniee: I want it with the hopefully new macbook design.

mtappenden: Leopard is turning out to be a really big step in the OS X line after all 🙂 Not only are there some great new features in just about all the main areas of using a computer, but the user interface is a giant leap forwards and the whole thing just looks very polished.

ericxoxp: Dugg for iCal icon date.

maxputer: I am looking forward to this OS release like no other… bring on 64bits with unified application development… it’s going to fly.

sixdust: I love macs and all, but that video sucked balls.

yodinosaur: desktop pictures complements of “mycintosh” on the macrumors comments

nakile: Looks like Leopard is going to end up being the most advance OS in the world.

And for less than Windows Vista Home Basic. Why the fuck is a new copy of Vista Basic $200?

fazik93: the whole song on youtube

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