The Man Behind the Apple Aesthetic

hookshotzzTime to shine a little light on the man behind the design of the iMac, the iPod, and the iPhone[…] Thanks to hookshotzz for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

norcalscan: I couldn’t find the Next Page link after reading the first 3 paragraphs….

esharkj: Nice one! This Jonathan really great designer..

themoosejuice: Hey Jonathan,
All you designs have been great, but…………..

1. The new imac silver (sucks)
2. The ipod nano fatty (sucks)

Either your loosing your touch, witch makes you look bad, or someone else at apple has thier fingers meddling in the design decisions, which, of course, also makes you look bad.

Clean if up!

ofenza: Why did my clever joke get dugg down while other not so clever jokes or references to the Ive I’ve thing got thubs up?

Haecceity: Three paragraphs! Why is this on the front page of Digg? Burried.

FHKE: Jonathan is great, but this article is lame!
Read this: …

squidi: this is the genius you fanboys should be worshipping, not mr big business steve jobs.

patho: So am I the only one confused by the grammar of Ive and I’ve? I thought the guy writing the article was the same as the designer half the fucking time.

diggerphelps: Why is this lameness on the front page?

mojojojo: how is this news. i think most everyone on this site knows who Johnny Ives is. It’s no secret like this headline implies. Give me a break diggers. This is lame.

motoyen: What did he work on at Apple before Steve came back?

wwwdot1jesdotus: So basically, Ive developed the iPod design! Go me!

scutter: Is this the jackape who won’t admit that the single button mouse thing was a stupid idea? I love my Macbook Pro, but come on, admit you were wrong and move on. It’s laughable all the convoluted things they will do to enable second mouse button functionality without actually putting a second button on there. Examples: The “mighty mouse”, actually has a second button that you can’t see, accessed by pressing on the right side of the mouse. The Trackpad on their notebooks have a right mouse functionality you access by placing two fingers on the track pad before pressing the button.

sargentr: so hes the one we can thank for excessively easily scratched backings on ipods and no physical volume control on the touches.

other then that hes done an awesome job making things look really clean.

ofenza: So, this guy MACZTER is saying he designed all these Apple products?


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