Will the Upcoming New Ultra-thin MacBooks Do Away With DVD Drives?

cambrown99When you consider the facts, it is a no brainer. What is the largest part of the internals of a laptop and at the same time (as trends go) is used less and less – not to mention its status as a powerhog. What could the average laptop certainly do without on a daily basis? Without a doubt, it is the DVD player.[…] Thanks to cambrown99 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

lharrod: They will probably offer a model with, and a model without a DVD drive, at least as a transition stage.

pixelpimp: Hmmm You would think Movie Studios would do away with Disc also. In favor of USB sticks. Smaller Packaging. Top of the Line USB can store more than a DVD. They also have on the chip security and can have biometric’s. Imagine buying a USB movie and it is encrypted so only you can watch it or people you give privileges too! From the Studios point of view it would be the ultimate DRM. USB movies could be the little snitch of the distribution world. It could send info back to studios ie; how many times a move has been watched, when, where, and most importantly if some one attempted to copy it. The Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD war would be over. Just connect the USB drive to USB player for home use.


macslut: You can buy an external CD-RW drive for under $5 and an external Dual Layer DVD-RW for under $15:
http://www.google.com/products?oe=UTF-8&scoring=p& …

xqb4dpx: hey, does anyone else use digg around here? wasnt there an article in which Apple made a patent for making their laptops smaller by putting the optical drive on the bottom of their systems? http://www.macrumors.com/2007/01/25/thin-macbook-w …

macslut: There are a lot of retarded comments here (I know, welcome to Digg).

I would love it if they removed the optical drive. The keyword here being “removed”. This doesn’t mean Apple will kill you if you hook up an external optical drive. There are USB powered optical drives that could be OEM’d and even sold as an option from Apple.

Also, for software, it’s pretty much all downloadable these days anyway. Even the OS doesn’t need to be delivered on a DVD, it could be installed via flash drive.

Yes, it’s time to start phasing out the optical drive.

XBSHX: lots of games and software come on dvd’s so… no. why would you want to cripple it just cause you’re dumb enough to use the dvd drive to watch movies while you’re on battery power?

kelchm: Optical drives are going away. 90% of the time I don’t even have the optical drive in my laptop.

SpeKopuZ: this is just stupid… of course it will come with a dvd player/burner.

TomUU: We’d be going backwards.

3Den: Having previously owned a laptop without an optical drive… it’s not a great idea.

I mean, it’s fine… but for a mac it would be suicide. I like my powerbook specifically because it does everything I need in one nice looking, compact package. If it had no optical drive….. I wouldn’t have purchased it.

Unlike some legacy components (like the floppy disk).. the optical drive is still frequently used.

blackjack75: I’d love the option to have a removeable drive just thinkpads had long time ago. You just dragged the CD drive out and could have a secondary HD.

toastmonster: I’d only miss mine if there was free ripping software out there that works and didn’t take an hour or two per disk. In that case I might rent more movies…

lamboman: I think that they could do what people like Sony do and bundle a very thin external drive, and as suggested earlier by someone, simply rip the DVDs on to the hard drive. I personally never use my drive anyway, last time I put anything in their was about 6 months ago.

arizonagroove: “Will the Upcoming New Ultra-thin MacBooks…”
… actually exist?

ApeInago: I’m going to be buying an external burner… because having that extra space in my laptop used for battery instead, means i can go for 12 hours without a recharge. I hardly ever use the cd-rom drive anyway. Plus, it’ll work with the new comptuer, wich will allwo me to put another 120mm fan in the front instead.


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