Apollo IM 1.0 Released

OneManArmyThe first just got better. With help from the iPhone community, the new Apollo IM is more polished and feature packed than ever before. Now supporting AIM, .mac, ICQ, and MSN, Apollo IM delivers communications beyond any individual network’s limits.[…] Thanks to OneManArmy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

HSC1073: I appreciate your work–I am having some difficulty though. MSN loads but does not display any of my contacts; AIM loads my contacts briefly before it crashes your IM app.

xqb4dpx: wowwwwww it still sucks

Vancouver: ok.. The .mac does not work. i have tried several times to log into aim with my .mac and it just hangs. any ideas?

rande: Alex C. Schaefer throws things at me from his cube when he is not head programming and founding iPhone projects.

gyronic: Gtalk!!!!!

kk tkxbye

HairyPoter: zillions of apps here

thisisunique: They should add this to the website, but in order to get this on your iPhone you MUST install the BSD Subsystem. Otherwise, if your on EDGE, you will be sitting through a 4MB download only to get this requirement at the end, thus preventing you from installing Apollo.

BSD Subsystem is 6MB, find WIFI.

BalooUrsidae: Why does this support every IM standard but the official IETF ratified XMPP? Shouldn’t it /not/ support anything but the standard?

paulgibson: That looks really cool. All I need now is an iphone.

indiekiduk: when I try to log into MSN it just quits.

kawai: I can receive msg fine on msn but when i try to send it to someone else nothing would show up…

very weird.

loganhuddleston: i dont know about anyone else, but edge sucks. the app doesnt even work on atts network for me. its all wifi or nothing. BUT the app is kick ass.

Erukian: meebo.com – optimized for the iphone and does the basics well, including server side chat history.

damnyooneek: still pretty buggy.

Macshiba: Awesome news. I’m about to buy an iPhone within the next few days, and am really excited about everything that installer.app futures, including this new version of Apollo. Before this, I thought the only good way of using AIM on iPhone was using x.aim.com.
Nice work guys!

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