‘Dugg’ – A Digg Widget for Dashboard

SeaMowseI’ve been scouring the ‘net in hopes of locating one. I finally ran across this little gem. This is a great, Apple Friendly dashboard widget. You can search on Digg or directly inside the widget. You can display anything on Digg, or what your friends or you are digging, submitted, or commented on. It’s collapsible and resizable. And it’s free![…] Thanks to SeaMowse for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

dharasick: PC version, anyone?

meekar: I made one of the first digg widgets, but when my project died I moved over to this one. It incorporated a lot of the features I had and more, but I think it did it a lot better. It’s a really good, simple, well-done widget.

fightzero01: This is a nice Widget, but it has one major flaw: You can only monitor a single friend at a time.

mariachi: 208k? Jeepers.

Dramamine: Awesome! I’ve been looking for this!

Samji: Nice widget. How much do you bet that Kevin Rose will use that?

IIIKrazyKiDDIII: My Digg Widget is on my Google Homepage and I’m happy.

Tezdoll: everytime i hear “widget” i think of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widget_(TV_series)

Logal: Finally! An Apple Friendly Dashboard widget.

Richggs: It’s just a simple RSS reader just skined to be blue, nothing special.

GeorgeinBoise: Two words “Adobe Air” .. I so want this as an app for my PC desktop .. come on guys stop with the single platform development.

zombiemosess: Here’s my ss. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=mb6f14&s=2

Armor1901: I don’t have a Mac, I use Vista, and I’ve been looking all over for this same thing for the Sidebar.
Dugg because at least someone’s search is over, good for them. Let’s hope someone makes one for Sidebar now

deathsquadx: So I open up Dashboard, look at my Digg widget, see this story, think to myself “Oooh, a new Digg widget!”, click on the link, and…AND… it’s the same widget I already have.

ClarkNoHeart: When it’s available for Yahoo! Widget Engine, let me know.


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