iPhone Dev Community to Steve Jobs: We need to talk.

thecompkidIf we sit here and wait, the iPhone will become a closed platform, and then we won’t have a chance to change our fate. If we don’t do something now, we won’t have a chance to later. It’s time to show Jobs that his most loyal customers are not going to hold on much longer.[…] Thanks to thecompkid for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

aduzik: Have you seen the apps people have been cranking out for the iPhone? While they can do some pretty cool stuff, their user experience is pretty terrible. (Example: Installer.app freezes up for a good 10-20 seconds every time you start it while it reads in the packages lists) There are two ways to go: provide copious documentation, HIG, etc. to encourage developers to write apps in the “better”/”Apple-approved” way, or disallow application development altogether. They seem to be going with the latter option, which is a real pity.

onezero2000: Everyone asking Apple to push out an SDK really have to think about what they are asking for. The code on the iPhone is hacked together to get the basic applications to work. One look at Safari on the iPhone, not implementing half of Safari 3’s funcitonality should tell you that. I don’t think they were close to ready for release.

They can’t help but break stuff with software updates. They are probably building the frameworks that an SDK will be built on. They will rip out everything under the GUI and rewrite every line of it, you can count on it. Then they will release an SDK, they have to.

If you are doing unlocks, while it doesn’t make sense to pay $599 for a locked phone, lots of us did it, so it must have been worth it. We knew it would only work on AT&T, and we knew how many applications were on the iPhone when we bought it. We got the iPhone for what it will be, not for what it is. I don’t blame Apple for waiting on a SDK. A hack that poses as an application could do major damage with access to your mobile account.

keia71: I bought two iphones in the past few weeks that if the unlock was not released I would have not done. So that is 800 that apple got. Thats just me i’m sure there are many like me. I would love to see the sales stats after the unlock was released

qpdb: I don’t mind a some what closed platform for quality but I expect some damn nice apps soon. Voip and Chat client, I need skype and gtalk. I want my iPod games on my iPhone NOW. There is a lot more but I could go on for a long time.
Is there a website where the users post and rank what they want for the iPhone? Send me a Shout and let me know.

ilgaz: Uh, if you have “dugg down” every sensible comment that says “It should have SDK”, “It should have at least J2ME” and went to line and purchased the device, you have no right to whine to Apple.
You should buy a real smartphone like Symbian or WinCE or even Linux.(Qtopia) if you want “non hacked” binaries and commercial software/ 3rd party freeware.
Have a nice day, don’t forget to digg me down.

defylogik: i personally want it a closed platform. then i will know that it will work when i go to use it, first time. right now my phone is locked up sitting downstairs waiting for the battery to die because of 3rd party apps that froze the whole phone. hrmmm LOL

toetagger: I want it as much as the next guy… but come on! Whining that it’s not easy? Please! That’s like bitching that MS or Sony doesn’t make it easier to mod the consoles or Mitsubishi makes it difficult to add a hard drive in their TVs. Apple said the iPhone is not a computer. If you want it to be, fix it. If you can’t too bad. It’s their design… their choice…

glitchbit: Fat chance, it took you this long to realize that Apple does not care about 3rd parties? This is why Windows in #1 and Apple is not, open up your APIs or Die.

crees!: “So, instead of just hitting the back button and blowing this off, or calling me an idiot for trying, please just try with me.” Actually, I just pulled a CMD-W.

mynameisjesse: Sure, it’d be great if they opened it up, but either way I would buy it. No one will EVER be 100% happy…I just find this insane. They make an amazing product, but it’s never good enough. Remember hoping Apple would come out with a phone? Well they did, and so far so good. Cut them some slack.

Now stop to think for a second….legacy support makes windows what? Ok, now you have a rev. a product that needs to have the kinks worked out. If it was open right now, you know how hard it would be for them to go in and fix a major flaw while worrying about all these 3rd party apps? I mean think people, it’s not always as simple as you make it out to be.

tuxracer: http://www.openmoko.com/ Stop begging Apple ’nuff said

smaragd: Dear Steve Jobs,
Closing the iPhone is not just stupid and bad for Apple — it’s GIL AMELIO stupid and it’s GIL AMELIO bad for Apple. Got that?

dalesmatrix: I wouldn’t hold your breath, they haven’t exactly rushed to open up other products like the AppleTV to developers now how have they.

ddonahue: Jayhawk had it right. It’s the contracts with AT&T that are at the heart of blocking release of an iPhone SDK here. I think it likely that Apple wanted “unlimited data” everywhere and had to concede to AT&T that they wouldn’t let apps like Skype run on the iPhone that would cut into AT&T’s profits.

Such guaranteed voice profits are the only thing making AT&T’s unlimited data plans cost-effective in it’s deal with Apple.

Personally I think that AT&T could make a lot more money by being more open and charging less at a greater scale, but I think that that’s where AT&T executives are coming from (that and protecting their existing cash-cow of cellular voice services).

I also think that the contracts prevent Apple from chatting about the contract terms like this (also it’s poor form for Apple to say things that could be construed as negative about it’s partners).

Moving forward, how do we get the our 3rd party apps on the iPhone then? Well if’s it’s fear of Skype that is blocking SDK release, then lets remove that from the equation. Setup kernel level or hardware blocking that prevents the microphone from being active while WiFi is active. This get us most of what we want without triggering AT&T’s anti-Skype penalty clauses against Apple (I realize that a few, otherwise acceptable, audio input 3rd party apps are inadvertently blocked as well).

Sometimes it’s necessary to compromise to achieve progress. Apple probably did that in it’s contracts for unlimited data with AT&T, we may have to concede Skype to get our iPhone SDK and 3rd Party Apps.

bladefist: haha ooo, you guys are gonna show him lol

pissed off fanboys, scarey. lol


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