Watch HDTV on your Mac

AceboUsing a few simple tools provided free by Apple, a Firewire cable and your HD-capable set-top cable or satellite box, anyone with a Mac can watch beautiful HDTV (and standard def, too) on your stunning Apple display. No adapters or extra money is required, just use the free devel kit and VLC. Start streaming HDTV to your Mac right now. Here’s how.[…] Thanks to Acebo for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

KisforKeller: How do you convert the MASSIVE mpeg2 .m2t files to compressed .movs or .avis?
7-8 gigs per hour of recorded TV is a bit much

robbiemuffin: I predict 10000 diggs

rajb245: This has been around the blogosphere a few times…its still a great feature. Keeping backups of my favorite HBO broadcast movies and TV shows from my DVR is my favorite thing to use this for. And you CAN get around the 5C encryption, at least on some models of DVR from Motorola (Comcast). Play around with play/pause buttons while recording…that might do the trick.

adam84a: can’t wait to get home and try this, I have been wanting to do this for a while.

Billions: So trollz cant reed there articalz????? Macz can has som HD????

heavystone: So macs cant use higher rez on there screens????? This HD marketing is going overboard. Computer have far more rrez than HD, yet idiots think they need som software to see HD movies on their computer?? Idiots.

ShinRaTDR: For all you in Canada, if you have a Rogers box, and live in Ontario & Quebec, the FW ports are disabled so this won’t work, and if you live anywhere else in Canada you probably have the unlocked Motorola boxes, in which case this might work.

NeoRicen: EyeTV all the way thanks. Costs money but it’s worth it

2Stupid4Me: any way to get the recoded programs off my DVR? I got the tuner part working. I have a moxi dvr

DarkFusion: MIght be the 5C encryption. Check to make sure its not encrypted.

defylogik: Same problem here, connects to box, recognizes it, and i can even pull streams down from the box, but they are all garbage and no compressor/decompressor can recognize what they are. but they DO take up hdd space ..

chrisbarr: I’ve got a Scientific Atlanta cable box and nothing’s really working. Any ideas?

zouhair: Ok, First : Buy a Mac

mrhuhk: So, this guy touts the HDTV capacity of his Mac, and then shows a screen capture from Scrubs?! Scrubs isn’t broadcast in HD.

tdous: Who me? But I don’t have a Mac. *confused*


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