Apple says iPhone unlocking may leave handsets “permanently inoperable”

lnfiniteLoopApple said Monday that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed.[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

RossPelton: I believe they are bluffing and trying to frighten us from unlocking our phones. If they made us spend 600 on an unsubstitides phone, then dropped the price, then killed the phone because I didn’t go with the carrier apple wanted me to, I would never buy another at&t or apple product again.

moisie: If you modify anything outside of the manufacturer limits then you accept the consequences. It’s as simple as that. Apple (or any other manufacturer) can’t be held responsbile for some change that an individual has made of their own accord. If an update breaks something, it breaks it. Sure they could maybe have made the updates so that they would work with some, if not all hacks, but why should they? Who is going to recompense them for the extra work involved in doing that? People who say “if it did x in the first place I wouldn’t need to hack it” have no argument, maybe it should have done something, maybe it would have been better with a certain feature but you chose to buy it that way. To a certain extent you’ve broken it just by hacking it – it no longer works in the same way it was sold.

NeoRicen: It’s obvious they tried to upgrade an unlocked iPhone in-house and it broke and so now they’re announcing what will happen.

demonbaby: They are under EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT with AT&T for five years. The iPhone ONLY exists because of that contract. Whiners, read that again: If it was not for an exclusive carrier contract, your iPhone could not and would not exist. Period. If you can’t play by that rule, whether you like it or not, Apple is not going to go out of its way to keep your phone working. It’s not their obligation, and it’s not in their best interest. I don’t believe for a second that they’re purposely TRYING to disable unlocked phones with future firmware updates, but they sure as hell aren’t going to spend extra time and money to make sure unlocked phones are secure in future updates.

I truly believe Apple, like Google, is trying to disrupt the cell phone industry – and rightfully so. But to even begin doing that you have to start out playing the game, and that means exclusive contracts. AT&T is evil and you should by all means hack your iPhone to bits – BUT, don’t whine when Apple doesn’t jump through hoops to make your hacks valid.

YoshimiMac: My PSP is still hacked dispite Sony’s best efforts. I’m sure the hackers will keep up with Apples firmware updates. Just DON’T UPDATE your iPhone firmware until you see there’s a hack workaround released. My iPhone is on it’s way from the US (to UK) this week 🙂

bijna: i just took mine in last friday and i tried to make it seem as though my iphone was normal, but the genius just happen to move my springboard loaded with summerboard. i panicked for a sec, and said i wasnt really sure if he’d be cool with that so i didnt mention it. he said that apple didnt really care, and he actually asked if i’d done it with ifuntastic. all in all he did a warranty exchange for me (my volume was like super low, and I had two white dots constantly on my screen).

clyde2801: I think Apple had better offer some sort of amnesty program and offer a download and/or instructions on how to relock the phones before they’re bricked.

insomniac8400: Isn’t unlocking protected by law? They made a cellphone, they have to play by the rules like everyone else. Why is apple so intent on becoming the next sony?

pengas: unlocking is legal in the US and all these capitalistic pigs like ATT and what Apple is becoming can’t do jack shit.
Enjoy your iPhone, make fun of the fanboys with no life and live to see that it will all be just fine.

stockjones: Ouch. Suddenly Apple is making Microsoft seem like the softy these days.

neffy: I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m continually amazed at the complete lack of insight of the apparently majority of commenters on digg. It is not Apple’s job to spend the time/money to ensure the compatibility of fringe cases lying well outside the predefined conditions of iPhone use. They aren’t intentionally breaking hacked iPhones, they are simply not supporting what they never said they would support in the first place. Once you’ve exploited a software bug to flash core hardware in your iPhone, you’ve lost the right to seamless upgrades. If the upgrades continue to be seamless, good for you. If not, tough shit.

SpyDerMann: Sheesh, I’m sick tired of people circumventing the problem instead of solving it. What’s wrong with this country? They take the abuses for granted and just hope they go away by themselves (And I’m talking not only about Steve Jobs, take the tasers for example). No wonder America is f***ed up like it is.

Don’t like getting laughed at for being fat? Stop eating cheeseburgers and do some workout. Don’t like republicans? Vote against them. Don’t like the RIAA? Boycott it. Don’t like the iphone? DON’T BUY IT.

Because nobody is going to solve your problems if you don’t stand up and solve them by yourselves.

VANOS: First they screw the early adopters of buying the phone. Now they screw the early adopters of hacking the phone. Pattern?

djtrip: Guess what Apple, I don’t live in Europe or the US but I want an iPhone. I paid the same money as any other American and because of your greed was force to unlock it so it would work in my province. It’s a pain to unlock the phone and wait out upgrades but you decided that money was more important. You can call everyone who unlocked the iPhone criminals and void their warranties but the fact still remains that you screwed your customers to raise your profits. Serves you right for being so damn greedy and I look forward to the software community breaking the next update. I’m starting to wish Apple would go belly up again, maybe Steve would start looking after his customers again and not just those in the US.

selfdisplaced: Apple can update the firmware all they want, doesn’t mean you have to. Even when they update I’m sure it will only be a matter of hours-days that we’ll see an new unlock update or a way around to update.

And if not, then the people who bought it with version 1.0.2 firmware will be the lucky ones with the unlocked and opensourced iPhones.


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