Apple updates Leopard requirements to exclude 800MHz systems

lnfiniteLoopJust weeks ahead of its public launch, Apple Inc. has updated the minimum system requirements for its next-generation Leopard operating system to exclude 800MHz PowerPC-based Macs, AppleInsider has learned.[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

doctorcaligari: I’m wondering what the effect of Core Animation (and update Core Image and Video) will have on the lower-end video cards in G4-based Macs (FX5200, Radeon 9200, Radeon 9550). Most of them only came with 32mb vRAM, and it seems that 10.4 is eating up most of that already.

llsethj: 3 Words: Target Disk Mode.
You can run an origianl firewire iMac on Leopard if you really want to.

deadbaby: It’s not worth investing money on software upgrades for such an old machine anyway. Makes more sense just to buy a new Mac with 10.5 already installed — sell the G4 on eBay for $250 (or more, depending on the model) and pickup a Mini with 10.5 already installed. You’ll “save” $130 on 10.5, make $250 on the G4 and get yourself a vastly faster machine for a net cost of about $200. Or you could be nice and donate it to a friend or family member — a G4 /w 10.3 or 10.4 is an excellent Grandma machine.

timusca: Well, my 1GHz eMac still makes the cut, but I bet it will be balls slow. Anyone think it might work okay?


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