Google Calendar now customized for the iPhone

IceBurrgThe Google Calendar team, along with the mobile team, released an upgrade to the Calendar interface on the iPhone. It is now tailored for the iPhone, and you can now see your different calendars in distinctive colors. You can see the new Calendar interface by going to on your iPhone browser.[…] Thanks to IceBurrg for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jlatka: iPod touch Google Calendar fix: Just go to on your iPod touch. The /m forces it into mobile mode. Looks great!

source: …

jlatka: iPod Touch fix to access mobile calendar: Just go to on your iPod touch browser.
The /m forces it Google Calendar into it’s mobile version.


burn2down: what about for us using google apps? what’s the address then?

davidlmulder: @myfanw, @JohntheJohman, @davefin
iPhone-specific versions are akin to HD-DVD or Blu-Ray DVD players. You can still watch your collection of regular DVDs, but the high-def versions are a much better experience. In the same way, I can still access normal versions of Web sites and browse them, but I prefer these iPhone-specific versions because the experience is much better for my platform.
Kudos to all developers creating iPhone versions of their applications.

myfanwy: hold on, i thought the iphone had a full-featured web browser?

if so, why do google, or anyone else, need to ‘re-format’ their pages to work on it? this is no different to the heinous cludge caused by IE/firefox/safari/blah blah rendering pages differently and needing browser specific scripts etc to work properly.

bollocks. how about they put a decent resolution screen on it before saying it’s full-featured? 800 x 600 or they lie

joe90210: screw the iphone, I need two-way syncing

JohnTheJohnMan: i love Google, and i like the iPhone, but this is just stupid. why? there’s already a good working mobile version but why should you settle for that crap when you can get the REAL Google calendar already? pointless. and ugly too.

ntulip: iPhone Interface:

anirudhn: So is Picasa Web Albums.

hotpepper: How about support for PDAs? Surely there are more PDAS than there are iPhones.

joelevi: Funny, I thought the iPhone had a “real” browser for the “real” internet, not the “mobile” internet…

johnhummel: An yet – it *still* doesn’t have a Task List on either the iPhone or Google Calendar. Is this some some conspiracy from letting me job down stuff I have to do?


RadicalEdward: Some people are saying this is great for the touch, but it doesn’t look like a fitted version it just looks like the normal page on my touch.
ps for you facebook users is PERFECT for the touch as well.

mbs348: does any other ipod touch user have trouble having this auto load….i just see the same as my lappy, for calendar and reader too!


EpidemiK: This is grate for my iPod touch!


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