Mac OS X Leopard nearing Final Candidate?

alexandrosApple’s next generation operating system is nearing Final Candidate status according to several report we obtained.[…] Thanks to alexandros for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

CreativeGuy: Given that Apple announced October as the ship date for Leopard, doesn’t this article fall into the “no duh” category?

Rileyper: I don’t get it, everyone hates Microsoft, yet everyone loves the xbox360….who’s being a hypocrite now

mrmorris: Who gives a rats tail, its even more propriatary than Windows for crying out loud.

bestham: I’ll bet Leopard will come 10.15 (October the fifteenth 😉

digitallysick: i hope it includes a tabbed finder… thats it, all i want really

nycmac247: client is super stable (except dot mac) and now if I could just figure out iCal Server and the portable / mobile home directories 2 before the documentation comes out…

fozzcorp: I found useful when I first bought my Mac. The Site was on Digg a while back.

yournightmare: Sorry for the comment abuse, but I just bought my first Mac two weeks ago. I’ve looked up some Mac-related sites on the Web, but there’s so many of them. Anybody here have some recommendations for good Mac sites? I’d like to learn all I can about the OS.

asancho: Wasnt leopard supposed to come out a while ago? Whats taking so long? Maybe Jobs needs to use “Time Machine” to get Apple’s shit together so that us Apple fanatics dont have to wait so friggin long…

TexanPsycho: Overally?

jmousseau44: Horse testicles…. I love it.

bsdsolomon: Maybe it’s just me, but if Leopard is coming out in October, shouldn’t it be practically in final candidate now anyways? Just seems like a forgone conclusion.

s0lid: i hope they release this soon… been waiting for it since last year 🙂

iamdravenman: Does iCal finally spell check in the notes section?

xeeton: Does Apple usually put all the “secret” stuff in the developer builds? …or are there likely to be “suprise” “top secret” features at launch?


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