Steve Jobs is AT&T Hacker, not against iPhone Hackers

RavishBack in 1971, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went into business to build ‘Blue Boxes’. A device that allowed free illegitimate phone calls by faking the signals used by AT&T. Why would Jobs take a stand against iPhone/AT&T hackers now? An interesting story about how Steve Jobs started business.[…] Thanks to Ravish for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

voyag: PS. John “Captain Crunch” Draper was the FIRST who made the Blue Box. After Captain Crunch was jailed started with the same thing young Steve Wozniak who build his own Blue Box.

See this: …

cm702: he looks like a caveman.

sargentcrackers: This smells like Apple propaganda.

NeoRicen: Because he’s making MONEY.

seldon21: Seems you have missed the point. He is timeshifting his consumption. So way back it made a few bucks hacking/selling a box to get free calls. Now he makes a deal with AT&T and pays them back 100 fold.

How many times do I have to pay for the same content?

igutekunst: Regardless of what he says, his actual opinions are ultimately manipulated by a bunch of PR experts.

bioslogos34: what a rip-off.

tomis: It’s only illegal if you get caught.

montana111: its kinda funny how his first project and his most recent ended up being with at&t

peppaz: Hacked, unlocked iPhones are in tech news every single day. I want to know, how many people even have an unlocked iPhone? Judging by the action on forums, it’s a substantial amount, but around what? I have an iPhone unlocked on T-Mobile, because I had a year left in my contract, and on a family plan so my phone is only $26 a month including EDGE (blechh) service. Anyone else on T-Mobile with an iPhone?

jlebrech: When they iphone gets enough wifi coverage, they’ll roll out a wifi voip update that can cut out at&t from the loop.

DvidY: as people grow things change, he still credits his hacker background but you got to think about the big picture of Apple Inc.

anshuman: to realgeek, the that happened is called “growing up” , i hope you realize that one day. |-)

AzMegladon: you assholes can justify anything, so as long as it is apple fucking u in the ass and noone else, god damn sheep, baahh bahhh u stupid sheep, bahaa. Doesn’t take too many brain cells to think about it.
Thanks for the awesome “news” though!

Ahh, Digg is soo hip.


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