The PC World If Apple Never Existed

cderryA scary look at how different the computer industry might be without the existence of Apple.[…] Thanks to cderry for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

gothicform: God what crap this article is. Is the author even aware that the first non Apple mp3 hard drive player is almost five years older than the iPod and it was Diamond Multimedia that was sued by RIAA for making it? Apples grand contribution has been what??? The scroll wheel on their mp3 players that they are now starting to phase out cos people want widescreens on them like Archos have done for years. Very innovative guys.

Diana172: Pics or it’s boring

nightstar: This was a bogus article from this dead tree mag…

From working at the time with the various systems. It would have come together with or without apples help… Or with or without Microsoft help… Put the author as a troll more than anything else… Hope he does not give up his day job…

The “hackers” back then were making thing go to a central point. Or a hub so to speak… Guess he forgot about Xerox and the original graphic user interface… Or the GEM OS…

techmaster7b: Buried as inaccurate. The world would have been a better place without Apple, and there would be less catering to fools.

solid12345: This article is trash. Apple has never produced innovations on hardware development, we would still have 3 GHZ dual core processors to this day.

Triton07: Tomorrows headline: The PC World if Microsoft Never Existed.
GeekSquad gone. Evil reports of viruses gone. Intelligence of people increased.

ipxodi: This article is lame. The PC industry would have moved to common compatibility by itself — and in fact, did do so. The author either doesn’t remember, or is too young to remember the computer industry of the early 90s.
Yes, there was massive incompatibility at the beginning (in the 80s), and Apple certainly helped start innovation away from that incompatibility. (though ironically Apple itself was the “closed system” and not compatible with anything else.) By the late 80s – early 90s, however, Apple were barely registering as a market force. The PC manufacturers learned their lessons, and “PC compatible” (remember that phrase?) was the dominant flavor of home/office computers. There was very little widely-used hardware or software that wasn’t compatible across the spectrum of DOS/Windows/Intel/AMD computers.
Apple’s re-emergence as a market force in the computer market didn’t come about again until they came out with the candy-colored iMac in the late 90s. Certainly, they have had a massive impact since then. But there was nearly a decade when they were no more than a niche player and almost solely dependent on the Desktop Publishing and Music/Film industries for their survival.

blackmage439: This was an interesting read, and quite frankly, believable. The early days of the “PC” were filled with proprietary components and a “my product is better than the other guy’s, and you should use it for the rest of your life” attitude. Early PCs had specific hardware requirements and non-flashable BIOS. If you wanted a new processor or upgraded BIOS, you had to purchase the microchips specifically tailored to your system.

Apple is nice because an Apple is an Apple; the company strives for simplicity. If something works on one Apple computer, it should work on another (of course, this is due in part to the underlying Unix-based OS). I’ve been a long-time fan of PCs, but after the recent failings and bureaucracy of Microsoft concerning Vista, I’ve been steadily wanting to purchase a Mac even more. Yes, their handling of the iPhone unlocking (or in other words INNOVATION) and iTunes DRM issues, doesn’t fill me with confidence. But, I’m willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt and hope that Apple will see the light and realize that their end user is the most important part of the company.

MichaelE777: Whatta moron. The only thing different would be relief from those stupid “MAC vs PC” commercials.

chsbrgr: I’m just here for the nerdy hairpulling & fanboy bitch slapping rage. Carry on.

moisie: I’m an Apple fan and I think that even non-fans would acknowledge the significant contribution Apple have made to the world of computing, but that’s just nonsense.

KrayzieKyd: Pics or it didn’t happen.

noctu: If Apple Never Existed: my PC start up sound would not be the chimes of death, and if that doesn’t get me dugg down this should 0000000f 0000003

stegre: This digg thread would not exist in the top 10 if you fags had girlfriends.

geeshock: Ok, now we need a world without Unix which would be a hell of a lot more interesting.

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