Analyst, iPhone Dev Team disagree on impact of iPhone warning

1KrazyKoreanCommenting on Apple’s statement Monday about unlocked iPhones, American Technology analyst Shaw Wu said the matter is likely to impact only a small percentage of iPhone customers, namely “hackers.” Representatives for the unofficial iPhone Dev Team, however, disagree.[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

indiefan: I’m going to go with the dev team on this one. I know people running installer that i would hardly consider “hackers”. It’s just so easy, and the promise of NES/instant messenger is incentive enough.

centerblack: IMO, Apples statement was simply a heads up. I don’t expect Apple to spend time/money getting their firmware updates to run correctly on my modified phone. I’m assuming that they loaded 1.1.1 onto an unlocked phone and found that it didn’t work. I doubt anyone spent more time than that.

This has always been Apples stance. If you’re going to play with private/unsupported parts of their system, that’s fine, but they can’t guarantee that the hack will continue working through updates. It’s the same for the iPhone as it is for OS X developers… IMO the response to their statement has been overly critical.

You also have to understand that Apple is justifying continued development on iPhone software with the profits they’re getting from ATT kickbacks. They really shouldn’t be expected to figure out how to load firmware updates onto modded phones that aren’t supporting continued development.

Apple isn’t bricking phones. I’m sick of people crying about this. You have to plug your phone into iTunes and tell it to update before anything is going to be loaded onto your phone. Would it be nice if iTunes let you flash your phone back to factory? Sure, but Apple isn’t in a position to implement that. The BEST they can do is make it known that their update is going to break your phone so that the people who developed the unlock can come up with a process to return the phone to factory status.

kkiran: Hmmm, after seeing Hacker’s grip on the core OS of the iPhone, installing just the iTunes Store on the iPhone without an update to the firmware is more than a possibility!! Apple is good, remember how they accepted Apple TV hacks??Steve Jobs himself was an AT&T hacker and he cleverly exposed iPhone’s internals. If he wants, he could easily lock our phones out via iTunes but he din’t and infact, he is using the custom Apps on his iPhone too!! Its just that AT&T is playing spoilsport – nonetheless, I bet Apple won’t force bricking our costliest phone(??) released exclusively in America!! Long live iPhone Devs & Apple 🙂

jackman3: Apple can’t not legally brick iPhones anyway since the DMCA allows users to modify their cell phones to switch service providers.

aerogant: It’s apples choice really, but they should have added itunes first before doing something about unlocked phones. The reason is that people who don’t want to change carriers or can’t use the carrier they pick, will not be buying music or videos from their store. I have never owned an ipod, and when I heard the iphone was unlocked I started buying more music and videos from itunes to put it on the phone, it would have been nice to be able to do that directly on the phone :P.


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