Apple (AAPL) Hits 52 Week High

xistboiClosing today at over $153.00 Apple has hit it’s 52 week high – all for no reason. Performing at over 74.8% year to date could the next stop be $200?[…] Thanks to xistboi for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

DONT1: wow

DONT1: good news

iota: 155.00 isn’t just the 52 week high for AAPL, it’s the all-time high.

jojofreak: i love owning this stock!!

openthinker: boought at 1 cent so all you blow me. Nah nah. 😛

jeffreyf: Apple hardware’s adoption rate in tech capitals is fairly high; I’d say over 50%. If that’s any indication of the future, the stock is fairly cheap.

max1574: I guess when he said “for no reason” he meant that no new products or extreme interent hype were pushing it forward.

Anyways, glad I bought them at $70!

Now lets not fuck it up apple! k?

fLUx1337: bah meh blah couldn’t care less, aslong as they keep their products to good and better than the rest, they will get my money.

As soon as they start fucking about with me, thats when I stop giving them my money….

BlackJackJester: congratulations…should we all digg an article every time a company hits a 52wk high? Guess what else? Cisco hit its 52 week high of $33 today also, and Cisco > apple. I don’t think apple does $100 million in sales every day. Cisco does.

.Steven: 52 Weeks = Year?

twit987: Buried for “no reason” comment.

danceparty: bought at $83. “for no reason” heh…dumbass.

CPeanutG: Bought in at $20

vertinox: I had a dream last night that Steve Jobs got cancer again but this time he died and there was a panic at the market. And then my AAPL shares went to $30 again.

comptr: damm shouldve not sold my apple stock time to buy back some apple stock.


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