Forget iPhone Bricking: All Third-Party Apps Void Your iPhone Warranty

BLAM8Apple just confirmed that running any third party app will bust up your warranty. Pretty shitty way to reward the programmers who made the iPhone better than stock.[…] Thanks to BLAM8 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

netmaxin: True now iphone can be safre and better , Now more running into those hazzles
good steve jobs…

vidar808: Apple sucks

SpectreBlofeld: I don’t get it. The iPhone is just a little computer. Why doesn’t running 3rd party software on your Apple notebook void the warranty too?

mirot: nah, im still worried about the bricking

stabilo66: This one worked for me on T-Mobile !!

peestandingup: I love Apple, but lately I’m starting to get REALLY annoyed with them & all the little limitations they are doing. Locking down the iPhone & not supporting 3rd party developers is inhibiting progress in the industry. Its wrong to force these kinds of restrictions on people, but if we just keep buying them, its like saying “thank you sir. may I have another?” while Apple & the industry bends over consumers. Europe doesnt put up with this locked down shit, so why do we??

Im saying JUST DONT BUY THEM. That will send the message loud & clear. If you guys keep buying into this crap, its never gonna stop.

xoineg: just restore if you need services….now if you are using a different carrier you are SCREWED ehehhee

purdo: nice

heystoopid: Poor little Apple fan boys , has god trod on all your fingers and feet at the same time , how sad for you !
But then again being such wankers , I expect to be dugg down for this comment by these poor little babies !

Insignian: So why is apple better then Microsoft

Vorsuc: By the foul stench of satan’s arse Apple users are dumb.

‘omg third party apps void the iPhone warranty’ … just like your Xbox, PSP.. and so on. It is the same for pretty much every single damned electrical device you buy.

but nooooooo you bought an apple product… you must be ‘special’ *rolls eyes*

davidpower: i had to get mine replaced about a week ago…and i didnt restore – away the apps and they still accepted it.

KezG: Some people here I just don’t understand …
You hack the iPhone and then expect to have a warranty? … hello? Have you not been around for the past 7 years?

Rooker156: what if i bought an iPhone before they came out and said this?

springo: You know what? I’m starting to think to think it’s time to say: f*ck you Apple, I’m not buying your crap anymore.


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