If everything were sold like iPods

NickDouglas“How much is that leather couch?” “Six hundred dollars for sitting.” “Ha, I’ll probably just end up napping on it.” “Eight hundred for napping, actually. And another six hundred if you still plan to sit as well.” “Okay, $1400 and everyone can sit and nap.” “Up to four people.” “I think I could fit five.” “Five would be piracy.”[…] Thanks to NickDouglas for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

dvdchris: What if sex were sold like the Zune? Squirting people would take on an entirely new meaning…

streak: “Thanks for your purchase. Now, did I mention the couch displays advertisements for some of our partners? We’ve been working on this great new feature for years. We think you’ll really like it. To get these ads out to even more people, we’ve reduced the price of the couch by $500.”

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