iPhone dev team disputes Apple FUD with bold statement about unlocking

superpixelA spokesman for the iPhone Dev Team, the group that developed the iPhone unlock has issued a statement condemning Apple and promising a tool in the next week which will restore your iPhone to a factory-fresh state. The unlock, he writes, made the iPhone free and useful world-wide, not just in certain countries. Read the full statement at tuaw.com[…] Thanks to superpixel for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

moisie: Just because you buy something and it’s technically capable of being made to do something doesn’t mean the manufacturer has to actively support it or make efforts to not disrupt your practices.

Some people are arguing that modifying the software shouldn’t have an effect on the hardware warranty but it’s possible that modifying some of the software could alter how the hardware runs and cause the hardware to break.


gjmacd: maybe Im missing something, but is running Installer.App (AppTap) considered “unlocking” the phone?

stabilo66: This one worked for me on T-Mobile !!


returnofthemac: you are correct zeroMPHfallover, a web app is not an app. I was pissed about it. I still am pissed especially with this bullshit about bricking phones. I am not apologizing for Apple.

HOWEVER. People everywhere are all like “Apple likes money! WAAHH”. I like money too. So do you. He’s a fucking CEO. I do not agree with the people who are like “steve jobs is god”. Steve Jobs is just a very slick salesmen for very slick products that in my experience, just work better for me. So with all this considered..

Stop whining about something that **might break** something that you “broke” in order to get it to do what you want it to do. If you installed 3rd party apps, uninstall them and restore before you update. If you were daring enough to unlock it for t-mobile.. accept the consequences. You knew what you were doing. You bought it with no 3rd party support at all and there was no promise of native apps at the time.

This week, before you update just wait for the pro’s to spoon feed you a new way around it. It’s what we’ve all done so far so stop crying.

AzMegladon: Apple Fans -vs- Apple , kewl : )

zflow: LOL, that has to suck, and I was getting close to buying one… guess it’s the PSP firmware cat and mouse game all over again…

fuxjoey: What a quick response & slap Apple in the face.

uberfu: people are forgetting one thing:

Regardless of whether Apple wants to bow to the pressure of the masses or not [like they sometimes have] – they are under contractual obligation with AT&T for 5 years – remember the Exclusivity Agreement they both bragged about for months ?

Yeah – well Apple has to build that little “bug” the Dev Team mentions into their product or AT&T could slap them with a breach of contract action_ So odds are better than not this will continue thru the end of their committment_ With the exception that Apple as of late has had the tarck record of kicking over ant hills – so we’ll see_

Maybe in 2012 this will be less of an issue_

This is no different than the DRM issue with iTunes_

What I find interesting is that you buy an iPhone and commit to a 2 year agreement with AT&T [aside from any hacking] – AT&T and Apple have a 5 year agreement – so what happens at the end of 2-years if you want to move to another carrier and your contract is up ? Wouldn’t they be obligated to allow you to then use any carrier you want and they’d have to allow for support when migrating to another carrieer ?

It is going to get real interesting over the next year and a half_

digitallysick: Its just a way to keep you from unlocking the iphone, to keep at&t happy, and money in apples pocket.

pop1: “several hundred thousand people have unlocked their iPhones”

Wait. That doesn’t add up. If Apple just recently sold the 1 millionth unit of the iPhone, and several hundred thousand people have unlocked theirs, that means a sizable percent of the sales didn’t convert to AT&T subscribers.

I don’t think that’s the case.

Other than that, all power to iPhone unlockers. I hope Apple realizes it would have made a lot more money if it hadn’t locked the iPhone to AT&T and instead positioned the iPhone as a programmable device (and without needing to drop the price). I wonder how many more millions of units it would have sold by now…

Swift2: They’re not saying you will brick your iPhone by updating it, they’re saying you might, and they can’t be held responsible. In other words, buy an iPhone, use it according to the agreement, and if it bricks you’ll get a new one, or free repairs for as long as your warranty goes. If you screw around with it, you’re breaking the agreement, and there’s no warranty. Plus, when they want to do something like, say, the Wireless iTunes store, or whatever, if you take a hacked phone and try to get the update, they’re not guaranteeing that it won’t brick it. To unlock the phone, you have to change the firmware and the modem code. Why should Apple test updates so that it won’t break your hack?

“To live outside the law, you must be honest.”

btswrkng: You know, tuaw.com wasn’t all that great back when it was a blog about Apple, Inc. and its products. But now that it’s morphed into being a blog almost entirely devoted to iPHONE UNLOCKING and iPOD TOUCH JAILBREAKS and all that crap I’ve removed it from my RSS feed. SO BORING.

jacbop: Apple will probably start offering “software resets” at the Genius Bar for $75 a pop. It violates the warranty, but they can make money resetting people’s phones.

K00q33m0nsta: Isn’t it LAW (DMCA) that states all Cellular service providers (AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, etc..) in the U.S. have to unlock their mobile handsets? Can someone tell me how AT&T and Apple are not getting sued right now?
If they (apple and at&t) just followed the law that was placed, none of this bullshit would be going on right now. Consumers (regular and apple fan boys alike) wouldn’t be getting screwed.

Singee15: The best part of that article (in true programmer style):
“The text of the statement, with modifications for grammar and spelling, follows after the break.”


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