LEGO iPhone Already Pre-Bricked Out of the Box on sale for $399[PIC]

macpro2006artist Nathan Sawaya stays right on top of the news with his blocky replicas, and following up his Halo 3 Master Chief creation we showed you yesterday is his next LEGO model, an iPhone. Since he calls himself a “brick artist,” could he be reacting to the prospect of the iPhone turning into a brick if you hack it? One thing’s for sure, the…[…] Thanks to macpro2006 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

macpro2006: i have to say that even though I am an every hour Gizmodo user….there starting to suck

seminis: They should make a kit for this

zoom1928: Your session has expired, please refresh the page before commenting.

inferno10: Now THAT’S what I call tactile feedback!

Betrayer: Notice the lego one has one more menu button then the Iphone. (it must be better)

wawilli: I wouldn’t spend $10 on it. It’s not that i’m against legos, it’s that i’m against over-priced bricks of crap.

elrawtic: I would buy it, but he would probably lower the price in 2 months.

Sirhctopher: This is about as useless as…..well… iPhone.

Namco: Now lemme see you try that shit with Duplo blocks.

pukufek: WTF? A grown man makes a rectangle out of lego and this is news? Its not that even looks like an iPhone.

jboswell2000: This is EXACTLY why Digg has started adding social networking features to their site…

gibsonic: yawn.

TheQuarryChild: I really do like a lot of his earlier work, but with this and his Master Chief he just seems to be running out of ideas. Lame!

dmo145: Buried for completely missing the point. He was trying to inform his more naive viewers that black culture is not dominated by whats seen in the media but rather, despite what the racists out there might think, the culture is respectable and on par with others.

synthox: In other news people think coloring books are cool…….


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