Let Apple know that you want 3rd party apps!

onezero2000iPhone users that like the 3rd party applications that are being developed have to communicate their unhappiness with Apple, otherwise they will continue on this course. If users flood them with requests to work with the community, they will have to.[…] Thanks to onezero2000 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

dluv: Hey retards, Apple already knows you want 3rd party apps. Get a life and realize they don’t care. Leave them the fuck alone to make another overpriced gizmo to keep that stock riding high! If you’ve seen, they could give a shit as long as the product works and nerds keep buying higher memory versions. Except for the stupidest rebranding on earth, the red AIDS ipods, they don’t Microsoft themselves out by rebranding different types of the same product for suckers. Hence they don’t need to spend the time. Plus that whole exclusivity deal makes them not care.

sophia269: I think every one wants Apple to add 3rd party apps! as i want this.

MistySteele: OR, we could, umm, let the market decide. OpenMoko anyone?

rotorhead47: Yeah thats right Apple will have to do what we say, or else we will hit Alt-del-F3-Ctl-backspace-## on our half-assed linux rig and then really show them we mean business, and by mean business, I mean hold off on purchasing that 10th iPOD. Yeah I bet apple is quaking in their corporate offices since they wont share code to the potentially biggest selling consuer product ever, so a few geeks can make a lame version of sodoku for iPHONE.

srodolff: How about letting Apple know that Apple hardware is too expensive. It is a hellava lot more helpful than 3rd party apps.

ChrisTots: wow, how original:
http://www.digg.com/apple/Can_Digg_save_the_iPod_T …

pradador: The only way to make a point is by not buying the iPhone in the first place. It makes no sense to buy the iPhone knowing full well Apple’s stance on 3rd party apps and then act as if they are doing something wrong. Apple wants your money, that’s it. By buying the phone you lose the only leverage you have against companies like this.

The right way to do this is have people who want 3rd party apps NOT buy the iPhone so that the lack of sales drives Apple to change their model.

Jeezoflip: i think people hacking the iPhone and making apps for it is pretty clear enough sign that we want 3rd party apps. They still wont do it.

LogicAJV: Apple is doing something really crazy. They say you are leasing the iphone, but you have to pay 400-600 dollars for it. I know don’t know about you, but leases have 2 requirements. One they loan you the equipment. The second you pay a fee to use the service and if the service doesn’t function, the company has to replace the equipment free of charge.

The iphone can’t be both, an electrionic purchased item and a leased item. You can’t pay for a service and also have to pay for the equipment to use the service. Then have them tell you how you can use the equipment you just bought. iphones need to either be rented or bought but not both. I don’t think iphones come with a lifetime warrenty, therefore, I bought the iphone and I can use it how I want. Apple therefore has no right to tell people how they can use, unlock, use it as spare parts, etc. their iphones.

ivorylion: Is anyone here under the impression that Apple isn’t aware that users want and will support the development of 3rd party applications? I don’t think they are holding out for a few people to send e-mail asking for them to be legitimized. For that matter, I don’t think they care if 100k people send e-mail asking for them, if they don’t want to release their products for development, then just deal with it.

xombi242: I want a fuctional calender. If there is a virtual keyboard, it should be a given feature! That seems to be my current complaint as I just got it today in the mail. I just want to be able to jot down notes and other things. It would be nice. If I have to go to a 3rd party app to get what I want, why can’t I?

toetagger: The iPhone is a phone that does a few other things too. Jobs keeps saying the iPhone is not a computer because they will release a pocket computer- a PDA- next year… they might even call it the Newton. AAPL 250.00 ’08.

cipher64: Sooner or later people will have to realise that Apple is just another big corporation trying to make a big buck, obviously they care more about making money than anything else. Otherwise they would have been a small time business with a few hardcore fans, but they are in the mainstream and they have to play the game by the rules that every other big corp. follows. And playing that game you might not always do things that are fair and best for the customers, sometimes you just have to care about your own interests. That’s the plain truth in my opinion.

woodsk7: I think the facebook app is a good example of apps that can be created through the current system. I think eventually Apple will load the phone will all the necessary applications…Because in general, most apps are useless.

Anyway. Check out my app that displays what is currently playing on the radio in the major US cities.


thewump: If people were not hacking phones to use on different networks this would not be an issue. These iPhone hacks are affecting apples current and future biz-dev deals, and I can completely understand them taking action.


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