Microsoft announces Mac Office 2008 pricing, upgrade details

obeezyMicrosoft’s Mac BU has announced SKU and pricing details of Office 2008 for Mac. There will be three distinct packages, and even a guarantee program for anyone who purchases Office from now until the 2008 version ships in January.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

toetagger: I can’t wait to steal Word 2008.

likwidsix: will 08 fix excel’s “converting metafile” bullshit?

turbodiesel: really. I can hardly wait for leopard.

dimplemonkey: Between iWork and Google, Mac Office 08 is not looking as appetizing anymore to me either.

.mark: iWork > Microsoft Office.

dkla: One word…. NeoOffice. … 🙂

neowip: At $399 I ain’t buying it. I want Exchange support in, not in Entourage. I manage quite nicely with iWork and 2004 if I need it, but i haven’t started either Word or Excel in over a month. Waaayyyy overpriced.

sonycam: Pricing details? Just give me the torrent details instead.

Ossuary: They have to find some way to get that Expression line smuggled into Mac environments and this is going to be it.

MacParrot: I’ve been using iWork 08 since its release and have been pleasantly surprised by how well it works and its ability to exchange files with Office 2007 for Windows. However, I find that having to “Export” files (creating two seperate versions, 1 for iWork and one for Office) to be a PITA. Apple should incorporate its save function to include support for OpenXML files required for Office 2007. It does run faster than Office 2004 though (Why MS never made a binary version is beyond me).

Once it’s released and the first update had made its way through, I’ll probably buy it. I’ve generally been pleased with Office…or maybe I’m just not ticked off enough to not use it

BabyGotMac: The entire Exchange debacle is getting old. It’s almost as if MS and Apple have conspired to keep Macs out of the enterprise.

v2ninja: Full Exchange support will be huge for Mac users in mixed environments!

CraigJ: Honestly, if it a port of Office 22007 they can keep it. I “upgraded” to Office 2007 when I got my new Vista box at work (kick-ass for development, BTW) but Microsoft has really screwed up Word and Excel. The freaking ribbon is awful and stuff that used to be one click on the toolbar or menu-click, then command click now require changing the ribbon then moving the mouse halfway across the screen to get to the command you want. I’ve been using it since March, as have a number of my coworkers, and the consensus is, 2003 is better. Hell, 2000 is better…

willgonz: Garbage

yikiad: since the release of the new iwork suite, i am happy to say i am officially microsoft free


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