Apple blocks access to 1425×1425 album art; breaks iTunes art grabber

joshpowell“It appears Apple has blocked this again 😦 Querying the store still works, but if you try to download the art (no matter jpg or TIF) you get an error. This for the same albums that worked an hour or two ago. Thanks a lot Apple!” Well, it was fun while it lasted.[…] Thanks to joshpowell for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

oddysseey: if you’re a mac user, use gimmesometune. it does all the cover and lyrics fetching for you.

newaffect: apple always does this…

discostu88: If you use a Mac go here:
All you have to do is play a song, and it searches for album art. You could put iTunes on shuffle and let GimmeSomeTune search for all your album artwork. You don’t need 1425 x 1425. Do you have some special iPod that rivals HD resolution? Yeah I didn’t think so.

tomchow: I have some album artwork here

gregmasciola: It stinks that Josh’s helpful script has been shut down. It was really helpful for me to find some high-quality album art for my music collection. But honestly, I’ve recently found out how you can get this high quality artwork through iTunes itself. Just right click on the music in the library and choose “get album artwork”. Next, right click on a song and choose “get info”. Then all you have to do is select the tab that says “artwork”, right click on the cover, and choose “copy”. You can now paste the image into an image-editing program and you have the high-resolution image!

digitalpencil: Hate to be a total noob.. but why is it important to be able to do this outside of iTunes? Can’t you just set-up a store account and ‘get album artwork’? it’s not like you ever have to actually buy anything with it.
I must be totally off the mark here.. anyone care to explain?

astrotrain: Apple… where do you want to get core-dumped today?

morphie: What is wrong with blocking access from something that wasn’t public access in the first place?

strOphe: here ya go:

TheRealDeal: Why do people continue to expect unsupported APIs to be supported?!

gadlaw: In answer to a question – use Easy CD-DA Extractor to rip your CD’s at whatever quality level you prefer. Before you click that ‘rip music’ icon on the bottom drift over to and search for the cover art and I think it’s right click on the size picture you like, go back to the Easy cd-da extractor window and where the little square for the cover art is click paste and there’s your album art ready to be embedded in your music rips. Make sure you know what folder your rips are going in, click rip and you’re good to go to upload album art embedded music to your ipod.

heartcoldfusion: Wait, I thought Apple were the good guys and Microsoft were the bad guys? Apple, acting like a large American corporation? No, not Apple, they’re run by Steve, he would never sell out…

dunnylovehun: Glad I’m just finding out about this now that it’s been blocked…was this a digg front page story when it was working? How’d I miss?

heidtmare: Wow, remember when Apple removed our access to encrypted album art, and people complained, only to find that they had just replaced it with bigger unencrypted versions….. 😉

thailand1972: I’m definitely not an Apple fan, but give them a break – they give you something free and then take it away. It wasn’t really yours in the first place because it was offered free. Entitlement complex or what….


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