Apple developing OS X minitablet

zaibatsuAppleInsider is reporting that Apple has a project underway to develop a minitablet computer based on the OS X operating system it has developed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The site is calling it “the return of the Newton,” referring to the much-maligned but cult-favorite PDA that Apple sold in the mid-1990s.[…] Thanks to zaibatsu for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

berfmurret: no artists or musicians in the crowd? sheesh. i know i would buy a multitouch tablet in a heartbeat if it were around $2k.

daines88: Oh yay… I guess this pretty much guaranties we will never see an SDK for the iPhone

dimplemonkey: Already knew this because of the patents they filed several years ago. Can’t wait to see what Uncle Steve and Uncle Jon have got in store.

yodasama: Will it run Linux? (insert “Ubuntu”, if desired)

hazard: How many Palm Pilots do you see these days? Or how about that Microsoft Origami thing? Hows that doing?

ispshadow: Shenanigans.

crash128: Posting this on iDigg is called “market research”.

MisterKen: I would like to hope Apple would spend their time and effort giving the iPhone more muscle than to create an entirely new product.
This sounds like the musings of old-school mac heads who still cannot get over the fact that Palm took Newtons thunder.

joker3001: No money in it. Will never happen.

mmarvin: Ok I really like the touch interface but its just too expensive right now. Why in the world would you pay almost $450 with tax for an ipod with touch or the same for an iphone that has a required minimum of $60/ month plan? Seriously I like apple stuff and I buy it but it seems to me that they are putting less features into more locked down hardware. I would bet that they keep this trend going with the tablet. Seriously the touch interface is awesome and they are doing a good job with it I just think its a bit early and they are taking advantage of the “awesome newness” effect that the new tech produces.

adammharvey: i use mac but man i hate fanboys

z01inks: I agree. Tablets & Sub-notebooks are useless. Give me a touchscreen iMac for my kids tho, and i’m sold!!

directive0: iPadd?

drmobutu: This thing needs a display that can be viewed outdoors, under natural light…even if it just a large-screen ipod touch, it would be sweet to be able to browse the web, from the hammock in my backyard.

Altotus: It seems to me that Steve Jobs is looking at STtNG for inspiration. The newer Macs are morphing into Star Fleet desk consoles. Give this thing a super-thin form-factor (perhaps OLED display) and you’d have the tablet computer of Star Trek (all but the LCARS UI, of course) seen in engineering and such.


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