Apple MacBook Touch Mock-up (PIC)

yokozukaThe rumors are starting to mount up as Apple readies new portable designs: first ultra-thin MacBooks, then Newton-concept MacOS X mini-tablets. Here’s a concept that marries both ideas: an Apple MacBook Touch.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LeeSoong: INK is built into OS X – just hook up a digitizing tablet to access the software.

You can write, draw, etc. in OS X right now.

A 17″ ‘Touch’ Tablet MacBook with a separate keyboard docking station would work.
on the road – it is your notebook computer to write in. Back at your desk – you can use the keyboard.

On the road use the optional on screen virtual keyboard where 1/2 the screen is filled with keys – go ahead and type your grand thesis. Tablet PCs have the advantage of sketching out simple drawings.

Apple could do this very nicely.

Squidly: Anything but a touchscreen tablet or pda is doomed to failure. Ergonomics are all wrong for touchscreen laptops and monitors.

Thankfully, Steve knows this.

sean.ferguson: Apple tablet FTW!!

fightzero01: there’s no market for this, except for the healthcare industry. The UMPC has failed, so will this. It’s no laptop, and it’s too big for portability.

forthex: I’d be SO afraid to drop that… all that glass everywhere.

what would be kick ass if this was real (or for any other tablet), is if a full sized, thin keyboard (even thinner than the new apple keyboards) could be stored inside the tablet, detached (slid out), and either be a wireless standalone unit, or attach to the tablet in several configurations AND act as a stand for the tablet if you placed it on a desk or your lap.

jeffreyf: The main issue here is the input and display overlap. Your hands would simply get in the way of your screen every time you wished to type. Now if it had *two* screens, one for input that also functioned as a secondary display, and a primary display…. that would be….awesome.

nivekic: Been thinking about getting my mom something… what if she has long nails?

skunkworker: Who needs a stylus when you have 10 fingers?

casual7y: unless they release a tablet technology that has FLAWLESS handwriting recognition, anti smudge technology, and a seamless method of doing things like “ctrl+c, ctrl+alt+del, F2” (ok those are windows examples, but you get my gist. then i refuse to give up the keyboard!

diggtomanjeri: First, I think they’ll just call it the iTouch, the marketing writes itself practically!
I also think the size will be just smaller than an 8.5×11 and it will be marketed initially to high school and college age. The size allows for a full size touch virtual keyboard, and big enough to write with a stylus if needed along with everything else that comes with their current laptops.

directive0: And with any luck after all these multi-touch devices, LCARS must be right around the corner.

archivist: i wish they will put touch feedback on this one.

darkmisery: Not going to happen. As for the “Newton 2.0,” again, not going to happen. Apple wants people to buy the iPhone as their primary device. The iPod Touch came out with the calendar (the ability to create events) and other features disabled so it doesn’t undercut iPhone sales. If Apple was going to release a stand-alone PDA, the iPod Touch would be it.

NoNamesLeft: Um, no. Sorry – could be cool, but no. This is, without a doubt, a concept that would never work in real life. We need keyboards. We need a mouse (or touchpad). Without these things, the rate of input into a computer is a crawl. iPod Touch, iPhone? Sure, virtual keyboard can work – these are not input heavy devices. A workstation computer? No. Unless this thing picks up input directly out of the brain it isn’t going to work. Conclusion: fanboy fantasy.

beatboxmonkey: keyboards 4 life (in old english font)

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