Apple sends takedown notice to iPod hacker’s ISP

dcconziPod touch jhacker “Martyn” obtained a broken iPod touch, and was planning to dive in and download every bit of code on it in the increasingly complicated effort to put 3rd party applications on the iPod touch. He didn’t plan to release the code to the public, but he did plan to upload the code to a secured area of his site.[…] Thanks to dcconz for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

danboarder: Why oh why is my Apple getting rotten?

LogicAJV: Maybe this guy should sue them for domestic spying, a violation of the 4th amendment. Its not possible to catch someone that fast, without having a built in spyware code in the ipod. You can’t catch someone if they aren’t even on your network without some type of spyware.

If your going to copyright code, you have to allow someone to see the code. Its like having to decript words from a book, before you can read it. It doesn’t make sense to copyright code. The code shouldn’t be copyrighted, but they need a patent on it. The only reason they use copyright, instead of patent, is from copyrights long expiration time. 30 years after the creators death. Patents only last 30 years or less.

MGoodie: I’m glad Apple had such an easy time finding the hacker. It must have put a lot of its overpriced money making ventures into keeping its products safe. I am pleased I have to pay a dollar a song from a company lining its pockets with money “well spent.”

sdlvx: This is the apple future.

You can’t run third party apps. If you try and circumvent the barriers in place to stop you from running third party apps, Apple will sue you.

Apple has no respect for freedom of software, and everytime ANYONE buys ANY sort of Apple product, they’re making this authoritarian computer company even strong. Apple fans are just like Stalin fans.

The iPod touch would be something I would consider buying had it had better codec support AND more storage space, but the fact that Apple has draconian Stalinesque software philosophies is something I won’t tolerate, and never will.

So, next time you see some new shiny Apple product, remember that buying it is walking down a path of software authoritarianism.

arctic: Buried for “jhacker”.

MrSarcasm: When apple does it – it’s fine
we can move on now.


kitaljevich: This whole situation seems pretty straightforward to me. The Touch secretly does have bluetooth capability, which could easily be discovered by going through the dumped NAND. There is some unannounced feature with the bluetooth on the Touch that Apple really doesn’t want us to know about (until the time is right).

Just another example of Apple’s blatant over secrecy folks…

jordanlund: I wish Apple were 1/2 as concerned about how they’re ending up with broken iPod Touches this soon in the release cycle.

Mockylock: They also have the ability to track the serial of every iPod when it attaches to iTunes, but they refuse to use it when an iPod is stolen… HMMM… I wonder$ why?

hourog: Too bad Apple didn’t fix the iPod touch this fast – oh yea, the Classics, too.

ptsd: what happened to buying something and being able to do whatever the fuck you wanted to it.
fucking hypocrites how did apple start again? selling what? hacked boxes that allowed you to circumvent paying money to AT&T for phone calls

right, steve jobs can eat a turd sandwich.

likestoparty: kinda scary they can hit that fast to a PRIVATE link

pyrates: bittorrent anybody?

digitallysick: He shouldn’t of told everyone, he should still do it and just upload it to a torrent

diggin2china: The harder they push, the more interested hackers will become. Why not just open it up and get over it?


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