Apple updates iLife ’08 apps, iMovie gains new features

lnfiniteLoopApple Inc. on Wednesday afternoon posted to its website software updates for nearly all of its iLife ’08 applications, the most significant of which adds a handful of more powerful editing features to much criticized iMovie overhaul.[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

ploke: imovie still does not work with the mpeg-4 files from my kodak camera.

JohnnyXmas: OH NOES!!! My FUCKING FREE video editor sucks!! How could i have known?! WWWAAAHHH!!!!!

lochness: Updates ALREADY… I thought this thing was just released. How could there be problems already. This is Apple not Microsoft ….

MrDo: By reading the site, I thought you had to update it manually, but I just ran the software updater and it has the updates.
Now if they only would make website speeds not suck for people outside the US.

zachgc: Has anyone else noticed after this update that the UI in OS X is acting funny? It’s hard to explain and maybe it has nothing to do with the update at all, but ever since the install, the Dock magnification doesn’t work the way its supposed to (won’t magnify until you actually click on an app), the zoom feature won’t scroll with the mouse unless the button is held down. Might just be me, but it seemed to happen after rebooting.

Frost9999: All I want from this version is to be able to import my 3gp videos from my phone. Why did they take that feature out?!?!

mollerade: I’m a novice at video editing, but iMovie 08 is by a long shot the easiest application to get started with that i’ve tried, including Ulead Studio 11. The enhancements to iMovie 08 just announced are welcome, but i realize that Apple’s focus for iMovie is beginners. I will outgrow its functionality, and Apple will continue to innovate the product, to make it simpler still to begin making great video. Those of you who are not beginners to the world of video, shouldn’t expect Apple to keep your requirements in focus when developing iMovie, its time for you to move on the bigger and better things.

planksconstant: it and iDVD also work properly with leopard now. so thats nice.

there were some issues with the apps crashing and not displaying anything in the actual window. so this update is very welcome.

vacuum2440: Why is everyone complaining so much though? Apple offers a free download of imovie ’06 for those people who are buying new macs with iLife ’08. Its the best of both worlds…a speedy video editing program with many features and a “fully featured” movie editor for the rest of the jobs!

sophiaperennis: The merging of Events in iPhoto seems smoother now, and without problems so far.

HA5TY: Ok, now try updating the iphone to allow 3rd party apps

skunkworker: Its a freaking nonlinear editor, which for scubbing video together fast is pretty nice.

penguincentral: How interesting, but iMovie STILL doesn’t have a timeline feature. I guess i’ll have to buy Final Cut Express 😦
420 AUD is a lot of money.


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