Apple’s Mac Sales Are Surging

obeezySeen the recent AAPL surge? Don’t thank the iPhone, thank the Mac.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LeeSoong: 1 Big Reason – Windows VISTA.

The black hole suck O.S. requires you to buy basically all new hardware and software to get it to run – so if you are going to go through a major system upgrade at home, wouldn’t you want it to be as easy as possible?

Apple Mac with all the cool toys vs. Windows Vista Basic with crippled features ?

You decide.

Of course – the Mac O/S means buying all new software over again anyway – and no games.

armar: Regarding the “as much as twice the price” reference, the plain fact is that Apple rarely discounts its computer products, nor does it allow its 3rd party outlets to do so, meaning that the street price of an Apple computer is the same as the retail price. That simply isn’t true in the PC world. All one need do is visit Apple’s and Dell’s direct sales web sites, or peruse the pullouts in the local Sunday newspaper, to see the aggressive everyday discounting that goes on among (non-Apple) computer retailers.
While comparing the two platforms is fraught with “apples versus oranges” pitfalls, I suggest looking at the two systems linked below. The first is the entry-level iMac, which sells on Apple’s web site for $1,199. The second is Dell’s Inspiron 530, which is currently on sale on Dell’s website for $649. Both feature 2.0Ghz Intel Core Duo processors and 1GB of RAM. The Apple comes with 250GB hard drive, the Dell with 320GBs. The Apple features a 20-inch screen, the Dell’s is 19 inches. Apple’s Superdrive is 8x, Dell’s DVD drive is 16x. Certainly, one could outfit the Dell in ways that would ad expense (same with the Apple).
But at $649 for the Dell, the price for what appears to be a comparable computer — at least to the average mass-market PC buyer — is nearly half of the Apple’s.

Here’s the Dell:

Here’s the Apple:

ilgaz: People, those sites could be hesitating to give free hits to them but check the Amazon 10 top software list:
That shows a lot to me. Leopard is #6 on list which is NOT even shipped yet and MSFT says they will offer XP for months beyond its announced “death” because they can’t convince people to upgrade to Vista.

rudie75: Just ordered my first mac yesterday. I was/am really fed up with windows

wewa: I have owned Macs since my first Mac II in ’86. But I don’t recommend them anymore much.
If they do ‘creative content’ then yes, but otherwise, for general home and business use, macs are too limiting and not cost effective. We all know, but cannot admit, that macs now play a smaller role in corporations than they did back in the 80s and 90s. We have gone backwards after Jobs killed the clones.
I had to stop selling and supporting Macs, after I heard a number of customers say “i am really tired of Apple making me stand in line at the shopping mall, to get my problem solved with my Mac, being in line with all these teenagers with their broken ipods…”
That is unacceptable.
I think most of these posts on digg are teens with ipods…i am a slashdot refugee…
take care.

madkahta: I’m glad they finally abandoned the lame PowerPC; it was PAINFUL to try to run MacOS on that dismal line of chips. PowerPC’s RISC architecture was all hype and no substance; IBM & co. never delivered.

bugalou: Digg is more infested with fan boys every day. to that effect, anyone who thinks the iPhone has nothing to do with apple’s stock surge is lying to themselves.

As far as mac’s go, I can see the value in them for everyday user’s that don’t care to know about the nitty gritty details of computing. They just want to get on the net and check email. On the other hand, I am a geek. I like to be able to open my PC and change things out and mess with my hardware. I like to be able to program in practically any modern language I want to. I like to have the ability to control just about every aspect of my OS. This is why Macs have zero appeal to me. Sure you can dual boot into Windows with a mac, but that still doesn’t help me hardware wise. But for now, If I’m dual booting its going to be a Linux/Windows combo.

udahlen: Most Mac models are about the same price as a similarly configured PC.

deadbaby: Apple needs to fill the holes in their Mac lineup. Cut the price of the Mini by $150-200 to offer a true low-end solution. A mid-range tower would be perfect for gamers who want to dual boot OSX + Windows. The iMac/MacBooks are priced and speced just fine, no need to change those.

hasslinthehoff: Just another Gates fanboy who has to eat a big heapin’ helpin’ of crow now that people are realizing how much better Apple products are compared to the retarded bloatware coming out of Redmond. Welcome to the 21st Century, jackass…

valentine76: this shit just pisses me off

samfishercell: Yeah, try opening 96 applications and having them all run in real time on a ‘comparable’ PC computer. The price argument is pretty much invalid.

hedgehog001: Guess I’m part of the surge. I just bought my first Mac (Macbook) about 3 weeks ago. Using a computer at home has never been so fun!

brandvegn: Not a MS fan, but my PC is hitting on 6 years old right now. Same parts I bought in 2002 and put together myself. Barton 2500, ATI 9200, and XP, (installed twice). I do what I need to on this machine and it works. I am tired of both sides of the camp wasting my time on forums with there arguments. Both are PCs with similar circuitry and different business models. When you simplify your arguments to “Chevy/Ford”, “Mac/PC”, “Adidas/Nike” you take on an irrational view of brand loyalty, not a product. That iPOD shuffle …Jesus, I have never been so annoyed. I bought it. 3 Months later, I sold it. I sold it here in Korea too, so I got 25 bucks more for it b/c its considered a hot item here. Who wants something you can’t use on multiple computers. I didn’t buy a Zune though (another lemon, I have heard). I bought an iaudio D2. Best purchase ever. direct file transfer. No proprietary software, and works with Linux too (if you use that)…oh, FLAC (loss less) support…OGG…yes. Functionality is key to any product and name means nothing.

nobogeys217: Rising mac sales is probably due to the fact that its the beginning of school years. All computer companies sell more around the beginning of school years because a lot of college kids get a new computer when they first start to school.

Although, I would have thought that mac sales would be a little down with 10.5 coming out pretty soon.


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