First reports of iPhone VoIP application surface

UCBearcatsIt’s not the first time we’ve heard the idea (SoonR Talk), but it does look like a true, calls-over-WiFi VoIP client for the iPhone could be just around the corner. Over at Blognation they’ve had a demo of one such solution from TruPhone.[…] Thanks to UCBearcats for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

anarchy99: i want skype
havnt found a sip provider that matched the 15 i paid for the year of skype when there was a promo

anyone have a completely free sip solution?

WiseWeasel: Apple really needs to get together with AT&T (or just go it alone, if they can) and do their own version of T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home. I have bad cell reception in my house, and would sure love to have a nice automated switch-over from AT&T’s network to my Comcast connection at home, with integration with my contacts, incoming call transfers, etc. Until then, I am anxious to try these native 3rd party VoIP solutions coming out…

kkiran: Did you say they are accepting registrations on a first come forst serve basis?? I searched there site bt couldn’t find a link 😦

lenmonster: It does cost me $10 to use it, but given that no cell service works at my house, this is a godsend. So, for me, struggling with zero to one bar all the time, it feels awesome to be able to actually make and receive calls. And yes…the phone sucks, really badly. I know that some have gotten their iPhones unlocked and are being used with T-Mobile (I’d love to see how they do that), and if that works, I’d get one tomorrow, but only if I make and receive calls over wifi with my cell number.

Wander2000: lenmonster: T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home is 1. not awesome, and 2. not free; I should know, I was a beta tester. You have to use the crappiest phone I have ever seen, it looks like a toy, and it costs you an additional $20 monthly to use that horrible feature. Maybe they fixed it after the beta test, but Centercode never bothered to tell the beta testers, they just pulled the beta overnight, most probably because it sucked. Don’t get me wrong, I like T-Mobile, and I like it more with my unlocked iPhone.

lenmonster: I have T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home, and it’s awesome. Free calling over wifi and auto-switching between cell and wifi. It’s something I’ve waiting for a long time, because no service works in the two block area surrounding our house. I gave up my Blackberry for the service, and now the Curve is out that does wifi, but it is REALLY expensive, and I’m not eligible for a discount. I would never use AT&T if I depended on it at home and know how bad their customer service is, but true wifi calling (not Skype…I need to be able to make and receive calls on my regular cell number) would have me switch over, even if I have to pay an early termination fee to T-Mobile.

shampoovta: I like that. I hope it is true. Oh, uh, and fuck AT&T. Peace!

teethman: If it wasn’t for things like this, I wouldn’t want to buy an iPhone in the first place.

gailwin: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to place a call WHEN YOU HAVE NO CELL SERVICE??
like when you’re in west bumblefuck and you don’t have phone service, you can still make a phone call.

what would be nice is skype for iPhone.

Brett603: Jajah on the iphone is very cool, check it out I use is for all my international calls.

Kobayashi953: If you think about it – VOIP is the way everyone should be communicating in urban areas…Only a matter of time before someone perfects this on the iPhone and other hardware.

electricalen: “Install the VOIP app and never update your phone. :p”

I would SERIOUSLY consider doing that if they came up with a good VOIP client for the iPhone. The current feature set, plus IM, IRC, Terminal/SSH, and VOIP is good for me for at least the next 2 years.

dagamer34: This is the REAL reason why Apple wants the iPhone and iPod Touch locked. 3rd party devs are extremely creative. SWEET.

KenIovino: Install the VOIP app and never update your phone. :p

n0c0ntr0l: Well, its happened. VoIP is coming to the iphone, AT&T are about to hassle apple to tighten the leash on the apps.


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