TruPhone First to Develop VoIP Client for iPhone; Blognation has the scoop

StitchBlognationUSA is reporting that TruPhone, exhibiting, at DEMO Fall has revealed that they’ve just completed their first alpha of a VoIP client for Apple’s iPhone.[…] Thanks to Stitch for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

NickSaintJohn: This software will be pivotal in the success of the VoIP standard over GSM’s dominance in the international telecoms market. While this software has worked great on a range of Nokia’s thus far, I feel that this app, on the hugely popular iPhone, can truly promote this awesome service into the mainstream. Forget the extortionate GSM charges of yesteryear, I have made calls to my friends in distant countries, including the US, and UK (dialing numbers from my own country) at lower rates than to call them on a cell from their OWN country!… this is the way forward! I wish them all the luck with this amazing development, It simply cannot fail!!! Bring it on, Truphone! I eagerly await the first true public BETA!


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