Up Next for Apple: Newton Multi-Touch PDA

PerennialTearsApple plans to give the concept another go with a modern day reincarnation of the old fan favorite based on the company’s new mutli-touch technology, AppleInsider has learned.[…] Thanks to PerennialTears for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Kitsune818: So they would seperate the phone, iPod, and PDA, when everyone really wants one device on their hip? I don’t think even Apple is that stupid. Much more plausible that iPho/d Touch 2.0 will be more PDA like.

Yuusharo: I don’t buy this story. The fact is people don’t want PDAs, they want their cell phones to act like PDAs. The only reason Palm is still in business is because of the smart phone market. What we’re going to see next year is a second-generation iPhone with true PDA functionality, including third-party apps, while still keeping the interface clean and slick for users who like the phone the way it is.

Newton is dead. Just the name alone wouldn’t get through Jobs’ approval. Newton sounds too much like a 1980s product.

digitallysick: They need to make a true tablet mac , and add some really nice drawing/design software to it as well. If its another one of the recent iphone/ipod touch lineup, then i would pass.

kaushalmodi: In the end, everything in the world will be either Apple or Google.

mollerade: I would hope that Apple had learned from its past mistake of launching too many products all of which are good, none of which are great. I would be surprised if this was true.

Josephtech: yay! Another device Apple will lock up and make hard for us to put apps on.

basye: Sorry fan boys, but this is hooey.

JohnnyXmas: yeah, we’ll see. We hear this rumor once a freakin’ month on Digg.

In Cupertino we don’t have Newton PDA’s like in your country. We don’t have that like in your country. … In Cupertino we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you that we have this.


grapesofbaath: I agree it sounds implausible, but it would explain why the iPhone is so crippled compared to the other smartphones on the market.

ChayD: Aaaand just as I thought, it’ll look just like an iPhone but larger* C’mon Apple, surely you can come up with something more unique. Are the new iMacs going to be an even larger iPhone-alike with a keyboard and mouse, or what?

*or maybe it won’t, but I bet It will be.

Chris1974: i miss my 2100. bring on the new Newton.

llsethj: I kinda think this is just speculation.

insomniac8400: There you have it, the reason they don’t want 3rd party apps on the iphone.

macslut: Apple’s PDA is the iPhone, no doubt about it. It’s what the Newton would’ve become. But…

I do believe that there’s a market for a UMPC that Apple could come up with, and that’s what this sounds like.


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