Create iPhone Ringtones That Dont Sound Horrible

ShockerusaAn easy to follow tutorial that produces custom ringtones that won’t overpower the crummy speaker on the iPhone.[…] Thanks to Shockerusa for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

sonobol: Someone explain to me how on a $600 phone, the task of customizing a simple ringtone becomes rocket science? – no! You is crazy! This un real!
I like this collections

truguyanese: Someone explain to me how on a $600 phone, the task of customizing a simple ringtone becomes rocket science?

paloooz: Reduce volume? Pointless. Open it in Audacity, set EQ to cut off below 80hz, normalize @ -3db and you’re good to go.

Rahulrulez: Sounds looks like good.. but no use for us..
as AT&T is not in India.. 😦

wassim2k: Create Digg users that “don’t” spell horribly.

patience: Here is an idea: Stop Invading my personal space with your dumb ringtone.
We know you like your lame band by the t-shirt you are wearing.
No one cares about your taste in music, It sucks.

danfuturo: The problem with most songs produced these days is that they are over-compressed and a overly heavy in the lower frequencies. The best way to make your ring tones sound good, while retaining loudness and definition, is to employ some EQing via a VST or AU plugin in your audio editor of choice. Roll off the lower frequencies, flatten the track, and render that summamabitch to your audio format of choice. Boom, you now have a ring tone that wont sound like shit. It’s certainly a lot easier and less redundant than what this tutorial explains.

Mapper99: Here are more iPhone ring tone secrets:

prabhus14: My method. Best one with no loss of quality.
1. Trim the mp3 file with some mp3 cutter. (I use
2. Add this to itunes and sync iphone.
3. Using iBrickr, install “send songs” app.
4. Use that application and make your new mp3 as ringtone.
5. Once this is done, you can use itunes to remove your ringtone mp3 from the list. But the mp3 would continue to be present under ringtones menu.

jthomp: Fail. Its not necessarily the iPhone’s speaker, other phones can have this same exact problem. My Blackjack had a problem with ringtones if the volume was higher than it should be. You can either NOT turn the volume up as high or decrease the volume of the ringtone.

jasonmog: try they usually do a pretty good job encoding audio files to just about any phone.

DeFex: If you dont use crappy pop songs it will usually be fine a lot of songs are compressed to hell to make them average louder loud.. just use a “ring” . or something subtle. noting is quite as retarded as some guy at a meeting and his phone starts playing 50 cent. “yeah i would buy a $1000000 contract from that guy”

thedude1181984: Stop. Hammer Time.

YankeeSR23: This site explains what everything else already has…and the page just looks bad.

My problem with iTunes ringtones is that the volume controls. Is it possible to adjust the volume of the ringtones? I have some that sound nice and others that seem to be blasting the speaker.

any help?

Snappysnap: Ideal solution, don’t have ringtones at all. Why not just vibrate? I see so many people with daft ringtones who just look embarrassed when their phone rings.


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