iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Is Out, Now Testing

omni831Just released, ready in your iTunes. If you have an unlocked iPhone, be aware that this firmware may make your iPhone unusable. We are testing it right now. Come back here for updates.[…] Thanks to omni831 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

postreptilian: It turns the calculator into a full RPN scientific calculator, and it introduces Ogg Vorbis support.

ChrisGudgin: Not a smart move. Apple’s biting the hand that feeds it once again.

BBCmafia: We need a itunes replacement. The the people at CRAPPLE can not screw with us. This proves thgey are no better or worst than. ms

superjunaid: this update will not update the background of the four bottom icons (the dock) it remains the same as it is on the iPhone, the Dock is different for the 2 products and will remain that way.

mensrea: My question which I have not seen a black and white answer to is: can you choose NOT to install the update? I have no problem waiting until this is flushed out as I enjoy the phone as is currently. Anyone know this for sure? (i.e. does it prompt you to install it…I honestly cannot remember on my iPods if that is the case or not)

mjoshi: bravo Jobsy for sticking it to your “fan base”….

catt231: Another reason not to buy!

trodriguez: I think I found a bug. I just tried this with one stock (BRK-A), but in the Stock Quote app, it appears to show the wrong value. In this case it was supposed to show 117,200 but it shows 11,720…

killyourfm: Here’s a problem not listed here: After updating to 1.1.1 “Cannot connect to iTunes Store.” I realize you have to be on a wifi network, not edge, but have connected to 3 different wifi networks and still can’t connect to iTunes Wifi. Anyone else having this issue?

mysticjim: I’ll wait until apptap installer is working with the new firmware and I can keep my custom ringtone ‘I gotta have more cowbell” cuz I just can’t be without it. 🙂

uggidi: I updated and it just wiped out the installer.app from my phone 😦

saralovemuffins: I had used installer.app, iToner, and iActivator prior to the update. To make sure I didn’t screw up my iphone for this update, I made sure my phone was “back in jail” using iActivator, synced my iphone, then restored it. All is well! My notes are still there, as well as all my text messages. You might want to sync your photos in iphoto as well before you restore.

fuseideas: OK. 3rd reset, updating software AGAIN! I should say: Restoring to factory settings for the 3rd time.

arockdisco: is it just me or did they change the calculator icon? i think it was grey before and now it’s in color.

rapidsea: If you DID NOT hack your iPhone, beware that it might crash anyway and require a total recover. It took me about 45 minutes before i could get Windows to stop telling me that it did not recognize the USB device after the 1.1.1 update crashed half way through the install. I was afraid it had gone into brick mode even without the hack. NOTE: I did not update to the new version of iTunes beforehand, which I’m thinking might have caused the problem. Lesson: update iTunes first probably and then do the other update.


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