iPhone update re-locking handsets, disabling 3rd-party apps?

xGrillSo as the first iPhone owners update their phones to firmware 1.1.1, we’re getting reports in that not only do third-party applications no longer work, but a post-update reactivation requires a genuine AT&T SIM. In other words, it looks like Apple may have just disabled thousands of unlocked phones around the world.[…] Thanks to xGrill for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

pengas: Steve Jobs and Apple are a bunch of wankers.
This is the last item I buy from them. Slick or not its just not worth my time.

shootsfired: Don’t lock me bro!

JesseJ: There you go Apple slaves!

b33rhunt3r: apple icon

webmasterx: Well, no surprise. It’s alway been the apple way or the highway. That’s why I never touch anything “apple’ with a 10 foot pole.

pinab: This is like PSP Reloaded.

greg88: where is my Flash support????

jeremygonis: without having a successful unlock on my iphone, after the 1.1.1 update, my imei read 004999010640000. now. after running ibrickr and telling it to free my phone (unsuccessfully,…you have to close and give up.) and restarting and tinkering with button presses, my imei is reading as it should be..but i still have the invalid sim message..at least i got somwhere…and im trying a 1.1.1 restore now. if im still in the same boat on the other side, i’ll try to load 1.0.2 back to it.

bbqsalad: glofiish m700

lflashl: hahaa i can see Ashton Kutcher jumping out and shouting you’ve been PUNKED!!!!

fuseideas: Trying to reinstall Installer.app will require that you go back to factory restore and lose everything not backed up. How I’ll miss my GPS!
p.s. iToner no longer works – no more ringtones!

fuseideas: Factory restore for the third time underway.
iToner no longer works and AppTapp cripples iPhone requiring restore.
FOr those of you that think those of us that have modified our phones are idiots I have two words for you to explain why we have and were thrilled until today:

GhostFreeman: I saw this coming. All of it. Even down to the digg riots.
I can’t say i’m sympathetic for those of you who tried, but then again its kind of illegal to lock a phone into a carrier…right?

Mizzike: it’s a trap!

phinn: Seriously I love my iPhone and I am pretty happy with my $300 purchase but why the HELL is Apple wasting time locking off 3rd party apps when every other cellphone on the market supports it. I can see them locking off the carrier hacks, that actually makes sense, but the 3rd party thing is just ridiculous.

What this otherwise awesome phone needs:
1) copy & paste
2) mms support
3) allow 3rd party apps for Christ sake
4) iChat would be nice, but 3rd party apps handle that well now anyway
5) Profit


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