Java for iPhone urged by Sun official

msaleemThe Java platform may run on 2 billion handheld phones, but not on Apple’s trendy new iPhone. Apple’s stance was called a mistake by a Sun Microsystems executive Wednesday at the AJAXWorld conference in Santa Clara.[…] Thanks to msaleem for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

InfamousAtheist: Right… keep dreaming. Jobs will never let Java anywhere near his precious closed system phone. Control freaks don’t do things like that.
Digg me down fan boys.

benitojuarez: I want java on my moto q so i can play j2me games, fucking cocks.

dssstrkl: Do I detect a bit of self-interest there? I like how no one gave half a shit about Java until Apple didn’t use it on the iPhone. I usually leave Java disabled on my browser since pretty much no one uses it (except my employer on their timesheet webapp). As for apps, why would Apple use Java on the iPhone when they barely even give it a nod on the Mac? Apple has clearly set themselves on using Objective-C for as much as they can, and C for the rest. Where’s all the bitching that Windows Mobile or Symbian or Palm or RIM don’t use Java (except for really crappy games)?

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