Mac OS X Leopard Only Has One Remaining Bug, Scheduled for October Release

DotdotdotMac OS X 10. 5 Leopard build 9A559 was listed as having two bugs, but now it turns out one was a test feature for printer drivers in Software Update. OS X 10.5 Leopard now only has one bug remaining, and is still on schedule for an October release.[…] Thanks to Dotdotdot for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

idude420: Wanted to share this. From anonymous source(but very reliable):
Leopard will be released October 5th 2007…yes that soon!!

phytonix: Where is my secret feature going to be announced?

uberfu: How the fuck is this news ?

We already know that Apple is slated to release Leopard in October_

We gleaned this info from Jobs himself the past 6 times he’s talked about it_

Who cares if there is one bug left or 50 bugs left_ They get most of that shit straight before it’s released – they typically have a track record for doing so_ Yeah October is here on Monday – and at some point in the next 32 days we’ll get copies of Leopard – get over it already_

HairyPoter: I know at least two bugs of Tiger that as far as I tested in Leopard were not solved. One is related to uncompressed tar/gzip files that are seen as empty folders thru finder. After reporting this to Apple someone contacted me and said that this is not a bug… I don’t see how a file can be seen in terminal and not in finder (not an invisible file) and not be a bug… Anyway, it is obvious that Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard are very good and stable systems with extremely low number of bugs… I never had a crash since I switched in 2004… 3 years firing at all cylinders with no mercy!

britoca: buried for “apple”

leopardboy: The Apple developers who all of their time in to the new Operating System who have more benefit than just Leopard. I think the Most expensive Kit should get their latest iPhone for example the iPhone Nano

dogma: To the Apple developer working on that bug: no pressure… take your time.

ilgaz: So, people having latest official build from Apple Inc. are
a) Professional developers with expensive account at Apple along with NDA
b) Highly respected open source developers which -their work- is used under OS X
c) High level security related people who will analyse its behaviour of second most popular OS on planet before it ships.
These people give up everything in hand and post total NDA breaking information to “macrumors” so it will be “dugg”.
Want us to believe this or argue on this?

ilgaz: I am personally glad that our idiotic Apple distributor will lag the release until 10.5.2 ships and I will be happily buying and applying 10.5.2 which is relatively flawless thanks to Rev 0 users 😉

Osnya: One bug? yeah right…still can´t wait to get it tough

NeoRicen: Eh, still better than Vista.

Sukitez: wish there was more to read about it.

froggiestone: ..and the bug is, that it only runs on macs..

no wait, the bug is, that ppl cant stfu about it !

rubyeyes: It’s really not a whole bug, just like 4 legs of a bug.

VitriolAndAngst: Look, I have had a few macs in my life. I have Apple stock. I was interested in the iPhone. I also am a novice developer, use their mutlimedia, AV and about everything Apple. And even I don’t give a shit about this fascination with commenting on every damn revision of the OS. Two days ago, we had an article about Two bugs. Do I need to hear about any time someone changes their underwear at Apple?

Bury this under; trivial Extreme. I’m sure that is a new product mockup that some fanboy has made super kewl.


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