Proposed Firefox 3 Theme For Mac OS X Looks Exactly Like Safari

fantastineFirefox 3 is having an identity crisis on the Mac. Recent screenshots reveal that the new theme is striking similar to Apple’s Safari. If you can’t innovate, imitate.[…] Thanks to fantastine for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

rdavemacdonald: Im testing Safari right now, but its days are numbered!

thegreatanti: Opera: eat your heart out!

robthebrew: This is basically what Apple’s “Human Interface Guidelines” is all about. Making apps look and act in a consistent fashion. If it ever happens, it will be a good thing.

Seph7: This looks like an easier more visual way to view the progress of the theme to me, It’s looking good!

aedenp: I’d welcome the change.

whiteyMcBrown: Firefox should fit in with the rest of the OS and if that means it looks like Safari, then that’s the way it should be.

jparkinson: ugh safari is so ugly

Trevahaha: Um. No it doesn’t.

leesherman: It’s gorgeous. I much prefer Safari’s look ‘n’ feel but can’t live without Firefox extensions so now I go between them. This might just get me to switch to Firefox fulltime.

littletinker: If you can’t invent an mp3 player just pretend you invented it and copy the GUI from another player just like Apple. Then moan when someone does the same (that bit will probably come in the future, just like it did with Windows.

Ouze: What a ripoff. They look EXACTLY the same to me.

LeeVal: This is currently a mockup, not the final design

rova: It doesnt look as nice as safari, and it doesnt look as good as camino. Why would I use firefox on a mac again?

mozartpena: well finally a pretty UI. firefox 2 looks like windows explorer, so bland and boring.

seraph582: icky!!


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