The Complete iPhone Unlock Star Wars Timeline

arbiterofcoolAs we wait for the release of the new firmware that according to Apple will brick all unlocked iPhones —hits update for the 75,453rd time— here’s the promised Star Wars-themed timeline which narrates the quest for the free software unlock, complete with dates, links and commentary.[…] Thanks to arbiterofcool for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

oliviacond: dugg for the darth vader holding the iphone (very funny)

pixgarden: like it a lot!

OBKenobi: Trivia: AT&T’s old logo resembled the Death Star.

TinFoil209: Apple is becoming less and less known as the underdog. Since the iPod, their products outside the PC market make real noise. Apple has already started to lose the roots of Blue box selling, and more share holder profits. Shinny products will always win compared to (fun, respectable) nerd history for the masses. Apple Inc. is not what we remember. Still good products though.

fishbert: And then, the empire struck back.
… waiting for the return of the jailbreak.

OrangeTide: No Darth Jobs, buried.

mglmouser: Open letter to Steve Jobs


I needed to tell you this.

Weither you care or (probably) not.

Steve, I’ve given you every bit of doubt I could. I even bought a ROKR E1 so i could continue buying into iTunes music Store songs and carry ONE device. I’ve waited patiently for the iPhone. When that became real, I waited even more patiently for news weither it would come to Canada. Then unlocks were available but I waited patiently still to see if anything would get announced for the holidays for a Canadian solution. Then came Firmware 1.1.1 and it’s bricking thousands of OTHER, PEOPLE’S, PROPERTY, keeping me from even buying an unsupported device of yours so that I could use it in my locale.

That iPod touch thing might be cute for those not worried about hauling multiple devices but no thanks. I wanted an iPhone. Not an iCripp’. I would even have paid more to legally get an iPhone, unlocked, for locales you dont intend (yet) to support.

After all, we Canadians are used at paying a premium. Just look at my Dot Mac bill that will renew in 10 days. Even with dollar parity, we still pay 30% premium for the same service as US customers do. (What’s up with that?) Had I had time to switch before it renews, I think I might have (hey… if I have to deal with multiple providers for my devices… nothing keeps me from moving my eMail and web elsewhere).

Well, guess what Steve… Amazon’s music store is beginning to sound very good. And so’s the rumored gPhone. If not, I can STILL rip my ITMS content out of DRM and shove it on any other device. No more iPods. No more ITMS. No iPhone. Just Macs—because it’s my job.

Apple has been my life and blood for years. For both it’s products and ideology in terms of user support and features. Even through hard times. Even during your exile (Eh! I still have a Lisa II , a NeXT Cube & Color Station, an Apple //c and countless other Macs). But all these years of defending and evangelizing Apple is turning into a nightmare. Apple is becoming that very company you fought out all these years.

I don’t need to wish you good luck. The products are great and lust still strong. For those fortunate enough to be in your target.

I’m giving up on supporting Apple. From now on, it’s just “my job” to code on Macs. I’ll just go find another phone solution.

One, for the rest of us (remember that?).

Respectfully still,


(CC-ed to Steve’s address)

arcrad: down

scriv: Nerds.

Shikamaru1337: the iPhone reminds me of the laughing man logo

sega01: Dugg for the Star Wars factor.

chrisinsocalif: All I read from Digg was “Iphone” and “Star Wars.”
I had to check it out. Its a geeks paradise.

Stewartpewart: May The T-Mobile Be worth you.

Genetico: The source is everywhere friends. It surrounds us, binds us, penetrates us, and allows us to penetrate it.

ericjbolt: My iphone works (not bricked) after the firmware update. Mine was unlocked previously.
Apple didn’t “promise to brick all unlocked iPhones.”

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