What does and doesn’t work with iPhone 1.1.1 (Continually Updating)

dchartiAs iPhone owners examine what works and what broke with iPhone firmware 1.1.1, we’ll update this post to let you know whether it’s safe to proceed with your third-party hacks and software.[…] Thanks to dcharti for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Osmanthus: Oh yeah, my unmodified iphone was totally erased when I got a phonecall in the middle of patching. Could not update so I rebooted my computer, which failed to boot. As far as I can tell, my raid was compromised and it took hours to rebuild. Sadly, my itunes install was on that drive, so, i lost it all. Be sure to backup your stuff someplace besides your computer!

ennui: What you digg geeks fail to realize is that 99.9% of iPhone users will not be “bricked”. It is only the .01% (or less) that felt the need to tamper who will pay the price. And, if you thought that there was no risk involved with hacking your iPhone (or any hack, for that matter), than you are an idiot.

thefinger: Damn! ….. y’all be fucked, no? 🙂 It’s like everybody took a piss into the wind and now they can’t believe their pants are wet! Cripes! Hilarious!

sfs1169: I will tell you what doesnt work MY DAMN PHONE!!!!!!! No 3rd party apps. or Sim unlock, the phone just quit working after updating yesterday now it is stuck in recovery mode.

sfs1169: I will tell you what doesnt work ITS MY DAMN PHONE!!!!! no hacks or 3rd party apps it just broke when i tried to update it yesterday afternoon.

willywalloo: digg for support. maybe steve&att will read.

http://digg.com/apple/Apple_Stop_putting_your_ener …

l33tsauce: http://gizmodo.com/assets/resources/2007/09/apple_ …

This picture said it all.

alphonseragusa: Don’t hack me, bro!

thailand1972: (why does Digg break links like above??)

Passels: With all the shit going around the internet, and the warning from apple… you were an idiot to download the 1.1.1 Software.

thailand1972: Quite big news this:-


“Some owners are reporting on technology blogs and Apple’s own forums that the update is deleting contacts information, as well as photos and music, on iPhones that have not been modified in any way.”

So it appears this is actually quite a major fuck-up on Apple’s part. Strangely, it’s not really registering much attention on Digg (not like when Microsoft supposedly did a stealth update to XP). So, non-hacked phones are being broken by this firmware update? This is major news.

spookyuk: Man I can’t believe how the Apple fan-boys are playing this down. If Microsoft did this sh1t they’d be peeing their pants with indignation and frothing at the mouth. Apple are ass-raping them and they’re begging for more.. hahahaha

uidzero: Man if Apple isn’t careful they will end up like the next media Defender. That or if I see a Digg headline “huge DDoD takes out Apple.com” I won’t be surprised in the slightest.

DireWolf53: new encryption scheme in 1.1.1

efuhrman: Wow! I REALLY don’t care at all…..

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