Why does Apple get a free ride?

vergeI really don’t want to get into the pissing match that seems to occur whenever someone fails to bow down and worship Steve Jobs’ every move, but I can’t help myself. Why aren’t we seeing more outrage – okay, even a little bit of outrage – about Apple twisting the arm of an ISP because he was uploading the code embedded in his iPod Touch’s memory?[…] Thanks to verge for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

island: Why all the complaining? Go hack some other device if Apple is giving you problems.

willywalloo: I semi- agree with the author. Man steve has done well for a while and is usually on our side, but sometimes it makes me mad.

http://digg.com/apple/Apple_Stop_putting_your_ener …

udahlen: The company that really gets a free ride is Microsoft. Thousands of IT Managers across the world act and talk like they are Microsoft sales reps. They don’t even entertain the thought that there could possibly be an alternative to Microsofts products. Whatever crap Microsoft sells, they’ll buy and push onto users.

sdfisher: Description of DVD encryption scheme: No copyright violation. Possible fair use justification.
Uploading of code: Direct copyright violation.

Next stupid question, please.

GerbilOfCarnage: Gerbil Drinks large pot of tea and pisses in your direction for blasphemy. Stolen code.

duncanm: Free ride? Perhaps the glass slipper has just dropped, as the coach turns into a pumpkin and todays’ patch turns the iPhone into the iBrick.

efuhrman: This all falls under the old saying: Let the buyer beware. If you buy the latest tech, it will be expensive and have problems. Apple is no different than Microsoft, they stay in business by selling what they create and will stomp anyone who reveals their secrets. Would anyone watch Criss Angel anymore if they knew how the hell he can levitate anytime he wants? I think not. Let the illusionists create. Sit back and enjoy the tech. If you hack it, they will come, to shut you down.
There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.

ctony: I really don’t understand you guys! Welcome to real life. Apple is a company, a company has to make profit, their code is their source of revenue. Everybody is complaining why they locked this and why they did that. They have to protect their investment like any other company does. The kid found the source code by a bug and he wants to release to the public and by public means everybody, Nokia employees, Microsoft employees, Chinese copiers. I know that many people believe in this revolution, free for all etc let’s face it open source is fantastic but Apple is company and money is money so I don’t see anything wrong by someone protecting their own property.

BillDoor: I could be wrong. But I think there is difference between hacking and stealing and in this instance, it’s stealing.

HolyJaw: “Why aren’t we seeing more outrage – okay, even a little bit of outrage – about Apple twisting the arm of an ISP because he was uploading the code embedded in his iPod Touch’s memory?”

Because he was uploading the code embedded in THE iPod Touch’s memory. Jackass. Go away.

phill: As far as locking down their iPods and iTunes, that’s because the RIAA requires DRM and closed source. It’s not Apple doing it, it’s the RIAA. For the iPhone, I’m pretty sure that it’s ATT that’s telling Apple to lock it down. I’m pretty sure that Apple would rather have a phone that works anywhere and allows any software to run on it, but the RIAA and ATT are both bigger then Apple will ever be. And they call the shots, not Apple.

teckieee: watch 1 week from the day its release on the net china will have a couple of itouch dups and better

mentor972: Maybe cause it was illegal??

jetsetter883: the fanboys have casted such a superior light over Jobs and Co that it becomes simply taboo to question Apple’s credibility. that is why they get a free ride. end of story.

Dezik: I love how everyday I go into Digg’s Apple section, look at the comments on the five “apple fucked up” stories on the front page, then look at everyone’s complaints about how the digg community is a bunch of apple loving retards and no one ever complains about Jobs, or anything his company does.

Good job Digg! You’re proof of Living Irony.

If the guy read the terms of use when he first plugged in his touch, he’d see what he did was a big no no. And not only that, I don’t believe when people say “I wanna post it to the net, for my own private use”. There’ no such thing as private on the net. Also that excuse is used do much, how could it be reliable. I’m pretty sure apple will open up the iPod or iPhone up, but give it time. This is apple’s first phone, and not only that, a phone that has been barely out for a quarter. And give the iPod Touch time. It’s still good as it is, and I enjoy mine a lot.

As others have said before. The update didn’t brick anything, only make the apps unusable. And truly is it really apples priority to try and make sure unsupported third party apps work with the update?


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