90 Days Later: AT&T refuses iPhone Subsidy Unlock

SillyMammaEveryone who has waited for the 90-days for iPhone subsidy unlocks can stop wondering. There are none. AT&T’s exclusive agreement with Apple means no subsidy unlock codes. AT&T is offering disposable cell phone unlocks instead and recommends you take one with you on your international trip.[…] Thanks to SillyMamma for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

It was made a law that carriers and manufacturers MUST provide customers with unlocking information, since the customer OWNS the phone

SuperSunny: Lawsuit or didn’t happen

barryh777: F*** Microsoft! No, wait—

ejames8124: The AT&T contract indicates that a penalty exists if you cancel the contract prior to the two year contracts expiration. Has anyone looked into whether AT&T would be required to unlock the phone if you paid them the cancellation fee? It seems to me that if I was willing (and I’m not at the moment) to cancel my AT&T account and pay the penalty that AT&T (or Apple) would have to unlock my phone since the phone is not subsidized and would now belong to me; the contract would have been fulfilled wouldn’t it? Maybe the fee would be the remainder of the two year contracts payments which would make it to expensive for anyone to cancel at least until you were within a few months of the end of contract.

stupidpoo: Sorry, I have to ask, who is the big bad monopoly? AT&T or Apple iPhone?

nzezelj89: If i want to invest into a $400+ phone from Apple AND have a contract with AT&T for 2 years, i MUST buy another UNLOCKABLE phone to use with other GSM carriers companies……yea, fuck this, I’m sticking with T-Mobile

3210: The iPhone should definitely be able to be unlocked but, if AT&T can get away with not allowing people to unlock it, they will continue to do so.

richardiscool: They have to unlock them in the EU.

weebit: They will change their tune when they lose their customers to better phone deals. They are already scared or they would not be fighting for those new phone lines so bad. People are finding out that iphone might be cool. but the coolness wears off after a while. Especially after the bills start coming in.

ericjbolt: coincidence between this and the 1.1.1 update? Is apple enforcing at&t’s users to stay locked in with their service as part of a reciprocal business agreement? Would make for a great wired article! Hhem.

mal1964: Apple pushed this part of the agreement, for sales in the UK. att will unlock any other phone but not the iphone.

amacinnis: Having worked for AT&T, I feel I should say something. AT&T aren’t the ones denying your subsidy unlock code. When the customer asks for a SUC, we simply fill out a form with the IMEI, click “Submit”, and wait for an e-mail back from the manufacturer.

That’s right, Apple is denying the SUC for these phones, not AT&T. AT&T merely provides the service, it’s up to the manufacturer to decide when, or if, a SUC gets released.

objectcode: you want to keep digging me down? i digg down 5 others for every digg down i get. bring it

DalamarS: Phones sold in the US are married to carriers. The iPhone is no different to any other phone sold by a provider in the US of A. They have it right in Europe where you buy the phone and then find the “wire” to carry your signal. Until the entire model of US cell carriers (and for that matter telecom companies) changes to that of your local electricity provider you will always risk being dropped by them when you swim against the flow.

Flowpoke: Yea, but the –interface–, it’s interface is next gen. I see it as a PDA that finally has decent phone support – not the other way around.


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