After 90 day deadline, can you get iPhone unlocked by AT&T?

MikeTRoseYou’ve been a customer in good standing for 3 months. You’re heading out of the country. You want a subsidy unlock so you can use your iPhone on an overseas GSM network. You call AT&T with this eminently reasonable request… guess what happens next.[…] Thanks to MikeTRose for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

diggmediggyou: But the way, you always can get the unlock from the internet. So convenience, why worry about?.

LogicAJV: For all those that think we, against monopolies, are babies, we are not what you think we are. What if someone buys, all the gas up and it becomes $9 a gallon, because someone has a monopoly on it. We all would be screwed. We had this happen already once in the US. That’s why we have anti-monopoly laws in the first place. Anytime someone makes a pack with another company it starts violating monopoly laws. It happened when oil companies split the US in districts and had no competition in their district. This is exactly what Apple did with AT&T, and its 3rd party programs. These are monopolies, and they are extremely bad for consumers. What if every company out there decided to do what Apple did. We all would be priced out of everything. Its already happening with the banking industry/credit cards. Banks aren’t competing anymore, they are using what the next guy did to figure out the prices.

Its a fact, it nearly impossible for mass amounts of people to change a system without help. Why do you think are government is so bad? Too many people have to agree on something, and have to little power if they can’t agree 80% of the time. That’s why divide and conquer works so well.

ZackS: I was going to buy an iPhone after the price drop but did not because of this nonsense. Am I allowed to complain? I voted with my wallet, but that doesn’t make me happy. I wanted a damn iPhone and I’m going to complain until I get one that doesn’t have locks on all the doors.

sonicularulus: In my opinion, you all hate apple/att for locking the iPhone, but really…this is the american cellphone market where a lot of cellphones are tied to a cellphone provider. When purchasing the iPhone, you bought it knowing you would have to use ATT with it, and if you didnt, then sorry to say, you’re an idiot. There’s no reason for all of you to whine over the lock since you all knew it was existent and with apple having control with software updates, apple controls what kind of things you can do with your iPhone. With any software modification you come out with, apple will always come back at you with a way to counter-act it.

jaewon223: Here’s the simplest solution! Just dont use iphone or AT&T. Why support companies that treat you poorly?

tbechtx: what a bunch of whiny babies! If you don’t want AT&T as a carrier don’t buy an iPhone. I am so sick of this stupid subject getting so much publicity. You purchased the iPhone under the pretext that you would use AT&T as the carrier. Nobody twisted your arm to buy the phone. Grow up!

rodzilla: I discovered a cute thing with the iPhone today since the 1.1.1 update, When I originally got my phone about 3 weeks ago, I was bummed to find that the phone would not play .wav files from email attachments (vonage emails you your voicemail) but I figured oh well .wav isn’t really a Mac file format, so I moved on. Now with 1.1.1 I noticed these .wav file attachments now actually have a Quicktime looking icon associated with it instead just a white square.. So I figured SWEET the iphone now knows what a wav file is, but no, it tries to open the music player ipod app thing but then gives an error that it cant play the movie file.I find it quite odd that someone at apple went through the trouble to associate the .wav file with the ipod application, but still cant play them… just thought it was funny and felt the need to share. not complaining though as I have decided to reactivate my blackberry and sell this toy.

bi0metric: Just sent in my complaint 🙂 Fuckin ATT bastards

gregrich: If you don’t like the iPhone don’t buy it. Its not like its a surprise what Apple is doing. Anyone who has the desire to hack / unlock knows how Apple does business so this should be of no surprise to you. If you don’t like it get a Nokia or any one of the open Linux phones that are popping up. Just don’t come here and complain that Apple is doing exactly what they have always done. That being said I would like to see the ability to unlock the iPhone from Apple or AT&T and that Apple release an API (not a web 2.0 but a real API) for the iPhone. I would also like to see the RIAA get their greedy slimy hands off my phone and let me do what I am legally entitled to do with MY legally purchased music. I actually can see Apple releasing an API so third parties have the ability to write applications for the iPhone; I also see some type of unlock being forced on AT&T / Apple just because of law suites. As for the RIAA treating us like thieves and making it like its some privilege to listen to music that we should grateful for, bending over and saying thank you every time you want to do anything with your legally purchased music; I don’t see that changing at all.

Yellow2k7: Too bad for you guys, when the phone is released in the UK, we can unlock the phone ourselves or ask the network, in this case o2, to do it for us. This is due to the laws in the UK and has been the case for many years, usually the networks will charge you a small fee (£20-30) but it is entirely legal to do it yourself.

By the way, if a later firmware update locks the phone again, the network will face a pretty hefty fine.

Cyber_Akuma: “guess what happens next”

Considering Apple’s recent actions, I am pretty sure I can guess…

SirZRX: hi guys, i have my own opinion, sorry for my grammar i hope to make my point clear:
im from mexico and i went to the us 2 weeks ago and bought an iPhone , i went to the apple store picked the phone, then i went to the hotel, unbox the phone,turn the phone on, unlocked and thats its. in the whole process i didn’t sing any paper o clicked “i agree”, why is not legally to do what i want to my phone?… in some software u have to agree to the disclaimer,before the installation proceeds , even in World of Warcraft u have to agree. i am paying 400usd and i think that i am paying for the software and the hardware, all the chips inside are mine now and about the software i am buying the software too. Just imagine GM bitching because u installed new wheels and a new system on ur brand new.

rubikon: ..he fixes the cable?

FLLawLibrarian: Let’s unleash the lawyers…

springo: After 1 year nobody will give a sh*t about iPhone, because iPhone Gen2 will be out. Guess what? It will be using an exclusive network too.


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