Apple, Jobs, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut, rebates

lnfiniteLoopIt was bound to happen: Apple Inc., along with its chief executive and exclusive U.S. iPhone wireless partner AT&T, have been hit with a new lawsuit from a disgruntled customer who charges the trio with a variety of offenses stemming from the recent iPhone price cut. She’s seeking damages in the amount of $1 million, punitive damages in the amount[…] Thanks to lnfiniteLoop for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LeeSoong: LOL !

‘Waa Waa – you lowered the price on your product – Gimmy $1 Million Dollars!!!”

I guess Walmart is in trouble – as well as every other store that cuts prices to push slow moving merchandise.

I wonder what Apple did with all the non-selling 4 GB iPhones ?

Onimua: Yes, because the point of Apple selling iPhones is for YOU, the consumer, to make a profit. Of course! How could anyone NOT see that? How could Apple mess up resellers like that?

Sheesh people, price drops on products drop all the time. Sure it sucks if you buy something and sometimes even the next day the price drops, but that’s the way things work. I don’t even see how a couple of hundred dollars is even worth fighting for in court, especially when taking on a company like Apple.

Enlightenment: Enlightenment gives out another “Dumb Ass” award to these people!!!

chorne: Yet another sue-happy tool.

nakeek: Great to know who files
these type of suits..(derogatory)

Jean Wang P.A.
c/o Wang Law Office
36-25 Main Street, 3A
Flushing, NY 11354
Phone: (718) 353-9264

saggygrandma: she must have sand in her vagina

campo: this chick is retarded

gosurf80: I would like to sue Ms. Li for wasting my tax dollars through misuse of an important government resource.

optophobia: ONLY IN AMERICA.

Enough said…………..

pavanb500: Let’s end this already… she should just quit whining since by pouring out the $599, she basically said “Apple, love you long time” for at least 2 years.

conkers209: Ok first of all I’m half and half on this. On the one hand, yes, it’s stupid to sue because of a price drop. And two, she is also suing because she claims that people are forced to sign a 2 year contract to use the iPhone. Now if this lawsuit can make the contract better than 2 years and paying full price for the phone, then maybe she has something there but all this will get thrown out, so it doesn’t matter. At lease Apple did something to ease people with the price cut because companies mostly doesn’t give a damn with you after you buy something from them.

Archcoder: Would they be happy if Apple raised the price…?

frazw: “Ow I tripped on the pavement and I’m a little embarrassed. This can’t be my fault. I’ll sue.”
“Ow I ordered Hot Chocolate and it was hot, I wasn’t expecting that. I’m a little stupid. I’ll sue.”
“Oh no I just did something really embarrassing but if it were someone elses fault… I’ll draw more attention to myself and sue.”
“Hey I just bought a phone and later on the price dropped just like every other piece of technology and because I’ve been annoying all of my workmates by showing off, they all laughed at me. Now I’m embarrassed, I’ll sue.”

Personal responsibility folks! Since when has a company NOT lowered their price after initial release?

HerbSolo: Well – i agree – a 200$ pricedrop (or better: a starting price 200$ too high) isn’t exactly a nice way of saying thank you to all their fans waiting in line for hours, just to be one of the first to get an iphone. – But suing them? – C’mon.

QuickeningYak: Well, look at that. Yet another reason why smug-ass Apple is a customer-exploiting shit of a company. Thank god all that dimwit metrosexual marketing suckered enough hipster-trendy dimwits into buying their worthless, dopey, overpriced crap… again. Otherwise, no one in the entire world would give a shit.

Apple. Worthless. Buried.


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