IPhone: Bring a Bricked iPhone to the Genius bar and Talk to the hand

goplasticLAWL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![…] Thanks to goplastic for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

LeeSoong: In Soviet Apple Retail – Steve Jobs Bricks YOU!

Snowrosered: Yea, this is so predictable. I can’t believe anyone would hack their phone and then download an update/ Not so savy, eh?
On the other hand, as cool as the iphone seems to be, I won’t buy any more apple equipment, having accumulated about $1000 of broken ipods that they refused to fix. Besides, I hate their f**ng arrogant ‘gurus’ and all the other sh**ty attitudes coming out of this corporate behemoth. Our friends in Washington look pretty PC by comparison now don’t they?

purdo: A question for the lawyers, what I’d like to know is this: if you buy an iPhone from the Apple store but don’t register with At&T and therefore don’t agree to their terms. Then unlock the phone to use it on any carrier do Apple have the “right” to re-lock the phone to only AT&T usage if I have never agreed to AT&T terms? and I know it violates the terms of the software, blah, blah, but do Apple have the RIGHT to dictate my service provider just because I bought the phone?


IchiroBoston: So if I do something to my iPhone outside of the normal operation Apple is still responsible for QC? stop whining… if you “hacked” it then it’s your own problem. If you don’t know how to fix it yourself then DON’T DO IT!

This is not an Apple only issue, if you hack anything made by anyone then take it back to them for repair what do you think will happen?

diggmediggyou: iPhone for me is look like a PDA phone, like the new look of Palm. Nothing so surprising me when i first played around with it.
Compare with the first impression with Nokia E90.

NewOntario: Who else besides me is continuing to thanks themselves for NOT buying an iPhone?

truegodofwar: buried. this video doesn’t play in gnash

genexyzration: Take note. Dont buy it. It breaks down within a month.

uroa: If Apple made cars they would be limited to 20mph.

RidiculousHat: Digg circa two months ago: Iphone is coming! I love apple!
Digg circa one month ago: Iphone price dropped! I hate apple!
Digg circa one month minus one day ago: Steve Jobs is giving us a coupon for the difference! I love apple!
Digg circa last week: Steve Jobs is fucking over our third party apps! I hate apple!

DeFex: OMG you bought an IKEA table and used candle holders and cutlery that were not from IKEA. what were you thinking. sorry your table warranty is VOID!

largobargo: Fuck apple.

themoosejuice: SMALL CLAIMS COURT

Watch how fast apple responds when you pay $20 to bring em to small claims court for $399. Just go to your local court and pick up the paperwork. Apple sold you a defective phone and refuses to fix it.

Another note: Imagine if Apple had the same policy on their macs? Sorry, you installed firefox. Your warranty is void. Whaaaaaa?

teaBagger: APPLE – pwnage of the fan boi since 1976


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