iPhone Re-Reviewed by Gizmodo (Verdict: Don’t Buy)

BLAM8Apple’s firmware wiped away the powerful apps that helped push the iPhone to greatness. With this, I’m going to have to move our recommendation from “Wait” to “Don’t Buy”. I’m done with this phone until the apps come back.[…] Thanks to BLAM8 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

qpdb: They will have third party apps next wwdc, in 2008

bluenash: apple fan boys getting some harsh love from the object of their adoration.

haelios: Even Sony didn’t intentionally brick PSPs when people had hacked them to bits. Updates merely prevented unsigned apps from running. My verdict: fuck Apple.

diggmediggyou: I don’t about the software. For me, Symbian still the best.

opticwind: This is crap. You can’t change the rating because it can’t be illegally cracked now. Unless the reason it was on “Wait” was BECAUSE of the ability to unlock, this is just a swipe at Apple.

LGgeek: So let’s say I buy an IBM laptop (not really) and install Microsoft something on it and IBM has a update to the firmware for say the fan speed and because I have non IBM software installed it’s OK for IBM to make the laptop useless. Hum where are the tobacco lawyers when you need them. I think someone needs too investigate the relationship between Apple and AT&T.


cipher64: Sooner or later, like I said before, Apple fanboys will have to realise their beloved brand is just another big corp. heartbreaking but truth. So, either just love it the way it is or you are in for a heartbreak.

jmandawg: Apple is becoming worse than MS, you apple fanboys wait and see. Buy up all their stuff, and then they screw you over, it’s just a matter of time. The bigger they get the worse they get. Look at the freaking ipod battery replacement service?? Linux is the only thing that hasn’t let me down yet.

Atomic1fire: I seriously think that openmoko could find a market
if the creators make third party applications easy and painless
and know what people want out of a phone

iphoneguy2: Regardless – in Canada there is a huge market for unlocked iPhones. Got one you want to dump?? http://www.iphonecanada.net

BobCock: how will kevin defend this on diggnation?

ramsinks.com: O, Gizmodo said so..
eh, 98% of population doesn’t know what a Gizmodo is.

3210: Apple made a stupid move when they decided to harass customers by bricking their iPhones. As the post states, you bought the phone, you are not simply renting it; therefore you should be able to install third party applications as well as be able to choose your own mobile carrier.

bboyjkang: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html


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